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Behold the Begourder!

This Halloween, my children of course wanted to make jack-o-lanterns, so I took te opportunity to make one of my one.  Inspired by Shelly Mazzanoble's masterpiece, I created a monstrosity, I lovingly call... the Begourder!

The head of the begourder is pretty straightforward.  The eyes can be gotten at any Halloween store.  The trick was scavenging the pumpkin patch for discarded stalks, which I attached to the jack-o-lantern's lid by the use of three-inch cake pins.  Some of the stalks required me to drill a hole before the cake pin would enter the gourd  The eyballs were then fastened to the stalks with a hot glue gun.  In retrospect I would use rubber eyeballs and fasten them with spikes, instead of the ping-pong ball eyeballs, because within a few days, after a hard rain, a few of the eyeballs fell off.

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