Caravan of Carnage Theme Song

Caravan of Carnage

Theme song for the Adventuring Company of the same name, victors of the Calimshan Desert Race 1480DR (Backup Con 2010)

The Caravan of Carnage

That was their name,

Merciless and brutal

Killin' was their game.


They raced across the desert

Of ole Calimshan,

Left a trail of slaughter

Blood soaking in the sand.

Crash the Barbarian,

A dwarf of some renown,

Used his mighty hammer

To smash in their crowns.


The Gnome Ishka Bibble

Was a funny little chap,

His songs were really charmin'

How the audience did clap!


The Shadar-Kai Swordmage,

Kaz was her name,

She had tattoos in places

That I can't even name.


The elven Druid Narmo

And his animal friends

Tore into their enemies

They stuck it to the end.


Ougrok the Hammer

An orc of fearless bent,

He gave his foes no quarter

To Hell they all were sent.


The Dragonborn called Xanda

She had a shiny spear,

She threw the thing all 'round the place

Inspiring awe and fear.

The Caravan of Carnage

A band of heroes all,

In the race they were unstoppable

Victory was their call!

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