The Monster Arena: A New Offering from the Core Coliseum

The Core Coliseum opens up a new set of doors starting this coming Thursday. In addition to the existing arena for PC vs PC fights (2 on 2), the Core Coliseum will start hosting PC vs Monster fights (2 on many).

As per the tradition of the Core Coliseum, these fights will be difficult and you'll have to brave a series of four of them in a given league in order to both level up and to gain an extended rest.

The Core Coliseum allows resources from the PHB1-3, DMG and Monster Manual to create your teams of two characters.

For more information, please visit the Core Coliseum group.

If you are interested in checking out the Monster Arena, the Quickstart Guide would be a great place to start.

Alternatively, if you've ever been curious about the Coliseum, today is just a good day to check it out as any other.

The CoCo also offers fights for 3.5e play.

Send any questions to me via PM or post in the CoCo's tavern

Hope to see some new faces!

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