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Musings on the Upcoming Sealed Championships

Hi everyone. 

Been thinking a little about this season's 'limited championship.'  Ok, I've been thinking a lot about it.

We have a great new set, Lords of Madness, coming out in just a couple weeks.  Its a huge set.  While this fits nicely with some cool new scenario-type products we are developing, it does create some interesting considerations as well.

For example, we've never used a huge set for a championship before.  While we tried to have an epic championship at one time in the distant past, it's tough to do.  The Epic tourney at GenCon was our largest in some time.  Epic is a swingier format, after all, and could well push an already somewhat swingy format (sealed) right over the edge.  

And yet, do we really want to 'waste' this opportunity?  Would it not be very cool to field an army including huges in the sealed champs?

Moreover, without significant WotC sponsorship, we can't redraft every 3 rounds, either without making it unaffordable.  We want to keep the ticket price in the 45 dollar range.  And nobody wants to be stuck with a completely untenable pull that you can sometimes get with only two boosters. 

So, what to do? 

Our solution to these and other considerations ended up being pretty simple.  Players will be cracking 3 Boosters, and constructing two seperate warbands, including maps,  from them. 

Players will construct both a 200 and a 500 point band.  The same figure can appear in both, since they will play these bands in alternating rounds. 

I see the 200 round as perhaps more of a hard-core strategy round, while the 500 round is a celebration of the set itself. Only players who can hang in both formats will make the cut to the single elimination rounds.

So that's it.  A new take on the swiss sealed portion of the Championships. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at NeonCon.





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