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Dynamic Visualization (or skinning on the fly)

The players handbook encourages players to visualize and describe the characters powers with a style that personalizes them. I started a thread on En-World hoping to get some help breaking mental blocks on visualizing some of the powers in more variable interesting and changing ways. Its a way to avoid perceptual spamming even when the mechanics don't always vary too much. Its also about breaking the imagination barriers anybody might get and showing re-skinning is allowed and encouraged. 


Results = 2 enemies damaged one to a focused degree and the other a lesser amount (based on Strength bonus) and pretty much everyone ending in the same approximate locations they began.

  • Wide Slash: A broad sweeping attack slicing through or past the target and into his friend
  • Multi target Combo: Smashing a shoulder in to or kicking one guy as you slash his ally.(its a combined move missing one throws off your timing on the other so one roll works fine)
  • Using One against the Other: Slambing into one enemy causing him to stagger back off the other damaging him.
  • The Non Bluff: It could be the preparatory strike that assured your attack (by making him think you were distracted or not really targeting him) against his ally was a not quite feint and actually connected against that ally doing the strength damage.
  • Fearsome Stroke: The brutal potence of your attack against one enemy .... causes an enemy adjacent to the target to lose confidence and morale they may even reflexively shrink back perhaps straining a muscle. (Thanks Nichwee)
  • The Environment Steps In: A bluffed attack just forces one enemy to take a step too close to the camp fire...not far enough for a lot of damage just some, the other enemy is set up by it.
  • Interupted Stroke: Or perhaps your attack against one interrupted that enemies attack so that it was his spear haft which harmed his ally. (note your enemies are making multiple moves during there turn you didn't fully deprive him of an attack opportunity this just represents one of the elements of defensive action and acknowledges attacks are a part of it)
  • Lucky Backswing : An accidental hit on an enemy during the preparation to hit the other "My back swing was too liberal but I managed to not let it throw off my attack." (kind of an interesting visualization for a halfling doing a successful cleave)
  • Fire in Hand: A splash of the lantern oil flying from the lantern in the hand of the guy you hit to harm his ally. ( assuming the dm introduced the pricarious lantern this could be a page 42 effect coming in to play maybe even ongoing damage).. otherwise they stumble back twisting muscles etc. 
  • Last Second Dodge: after a set up parry moves his ally in to place, your last second dodge causes it to not only miss but greviously threaten his ally and exhast and make him strain muscles perhaps avoiding kiling his ally.
  • Dodging between and back: Its hard getting the timing right the weapon helps to manipulate them... slapping there weapon threatening etc  but I can make both think they got me when the only one they are a danger too is each other.

Reaping Strike

Results = targetted opponent takes atleast some damage how much the rolls decide.

  • Pointed Vulnerabilities : I aim at their weak spots (all things have them) even if you cant quite hit them solid the enemy will scramble and exhaust themselves preventing a full impact... and that serves my purpose too.
  • Barrage : Its a bloody barrage I can't help but hit them solid or not.
  • Smash Through : Your heavy weapon crashes into their shield with a thunder and clamor. Tho the brunt of your rageful strike has been averted, you cannot help but smile at the crunch of pain he feels in his arm.(Thanks DracoSuave)
  • Blade Trap : They thought they had avoided my sabre but it had backup even there best defense lead them in to my dagger (use with offhand weapon)
  • Haft Follow up : If your foe blocks your axe blade, you pivot your weapon at the point of impact, driving the haft into his stomach.(Thanks Puget Sound)
  • Spinning Reprise: Weirdly the first cut of this move is both an aiming and a set up for the finale.. so I prefer that it "miss" as that means the follow up spin is perfect and full.
  • Careful Perfection: Ancient ultra secret attack hard to follow, yup never misses sometimes they hurt worse than others but outright missing is out of the question. (Note I use bloodied minions house rule - minions are bloodied if missed or hit by auto damage a second bloodying kills them)
  • Between a Blade and a Hot Place You skillfully manipulate your foe's position - if they don't fall by your blade they'll fall by hazards of the battlefield. Next time, they'll learn to mind their surroundings.(Thanks Quickleaf)

Tide of Iron

Results = targeted opponent is moved/pushed and requires a shield optional you move in to there former position.

  • Imbalancing Leg Swipe: Its so much easier to take somebodies legs when ducked down safe under a shield, they stagger to a new position (this is a stationary where you don't move into the vacated position)
  • Scooping Tera Firma: With the edge of my shield I scoop a off a chunk of the cliff wall beside us and toss it at him who cares if it doesn't blind him it more than encourages he move where I want him to.
  • Smash Back: "A quick hack with my weapon leaves my opponent unprepared for what comes next -- my shield hammering into his chest with my full weight behind it, driving him back." (thanks Stormtalon.)
  • Neck Slash:  Lunging from behind my sheild my slash threatens the monsters neck and it staggers back.

Crushing Surge

Result = a succesful attack induces or is tied to a gain in temporary hitpoints

  • Battle Joy: The grin on his face is absolutely disconcerting if you compare it to his normal demeanor... he enjoys the fight, putting a weird emotional investment in his attacks his successes floods him with false energy.
  • Warriors Mind or Battle Trance He calls it focus, I call it self hypnosis tied to the motion and perfection of the form of his blade... In this state he can ignore considerable pain. Each success with the weapons moves pulls him deeper into trance.
  • Rising Hope: A successful attack hits home and you realize it isn't hopeless we really can win this fight... - use when you are up against bad odds or behind in the fight. (if this were a Paladins move would it be real hit points instead of temporary ones?)
  • Gloating: Their hurt makes you feel better honest... an emotional vampire, it is easier to ignore your wounds if the enemy is hurting too.
  • I love it when a plan comes together! That move you have been trying out in practice or that maneuver your teacher taught you years ago... finally made itself worth while.. now that is outright invigorating.
  • Vengeance requited: the enemy truly is evil and the buoying satisfaction you feel over bringing them just a touch of justice really shouldn't make you feel guilty should it?
  • Blood Thirsty: the likelihood of seeing real blood, heightens your will to continue the fight. You don't have to be a shifter for this, humans invented it... shifters perfected it and dhampirs are distracted by it.
  • Blood Splatter: There blood splatters on your skin even just a drop and its energies seep into you restoring you in ways even you find a bit frightening. Perhaps its just psychological... you feel your own blood pumping faster in response - Perhaps you had a close call with a vampire just recently... you use it this way just once or twice to freak out the other players

Footwork Lure:

Results = Your opponent slides into the spot you vacate tied to a successful attack.

  • False Opening: I leave an opening off guard when they go for that opening I stumble back seemingly at a disadvantage he cannot resist but it is he who has taken the bait and my blade is the hook he impales himself on! (on a failure they don't take the bait in the first place)
  • Measured Retreat: its only the better part of valor if you can do it safely and you make sure the enemy "hurts" while you do it. I look for my openings and make them want my hide before I take them.

Brash Strike

Results = a +2 attack which deals bonus damage for end balanced weapons and leaves you at a disadvantage afterwards whether it works or not. (I really can't envision anyone but somebody using an end balanced weapon taking this move)

  • Full Swing: Its a proper move with an axe honest I know the things so heavy it yanks me off balance even when I hit... it also bloody knocks an opening I might not have hit otherwise and you can't criticize that or damage I deal either.
  • I hate Goblins: "They disgust me! so what if I give him an opening I am pretty certain he won't be in any condition to use it after my hammer opens his brains. Is there anything you don't hate Devros?"

Knock Down Assault 

"the bigger they are the harder they fall"

  • Shin kick or Leg Sweep
  • Smashing body slamb
  • Trips/sweeps with a follow up strike
  • Weapon Arm attack /Or numbingly hard weapon near the pommel hit, forcing them to dive after the weapon.
  • Nearly a Knockout Head hit inducing a temporary black out.(can involve a hit to any sensitive spot really - though the head is particularly nice target for most creatures or anything that uses there heads as weapons) - hey sometimes a last minute dodge and their own attack will induce this.  
  • Spin them About aka Knock em for a Loop: Out of control dizzy they have to re-acquire there balance, minions crack there heads or impale themselves on your weapon but generally speaking
  • Clipped A wing -  - My weapon catches on the great beasts wing just as it attempts to shift with a great flap its own might smashes itself in to the ground.(vs Dragon  perhaps)
  • Wraith Disruption - What do you mean he hit it with his whole body? Shrug sure, some of them dont have legs others are barely there - Yes my warlock friend says  they all carry an heirloom they use to cling to this world with and a solid finely targetted arrow or sword shot can burst (in some cases its a ring a belt or a heart stone), but I think hitting the whole thing quickly with axe and sheild and the force of my own body is about the best way of breaking up there coherence I think sometimes my own life force reminds them how ephemeral they are. 
  • Broken Footing - Ok the attack technically missed but it was convenient how it weakened the shale that the giant was just about to step on... and it ends up lurching to the ground with a resounding boom.
  • Flipped on its wrong side vs Gelatinous Cube - I hook the bottom edge with my sheild and shoulder slamb it over not a big deal really.  The bottom just isnt good for holding its form and the sides just arent good for sliding on so it squishes down and is definitely not happy about it. 
  • Splooge the Ooze - I hit it hard at the right time when it was expanding to attack, its looser and the shape loss  is something it finds ahem inconvenient.
  • Snake Fighting - The snakes head rises cobra-like during one of its attacks I sweep its bottom coils out from under it flipping it belly side up its head cracking on the cave floor .... it shakes and squirms eventually righting itself and snaps back at me. Stepped on its Tail - Another time the snake decides to flee instead of attacking I charge after it smash the end of its tail and its muscles twitch causing it to flip upside down and backwards (note how my fighters successful attack stops enemy movement)
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