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Another GenCon done...

Well, GenCon 2010 has come and gone, leaving me one very tired Guild Director.  We ran the constructed championship and crowned a new world champ in classic style:  The finals saw, for the first time ever, the previous  year's champion defending his title.  In the end, Joel Broveleit of Sioux Falls, South Dakota got the rolls he needed to topple 2009 champion Shayne Lindeman of Atlanta, Georgia.  There was outstanding prize support for the champs due to sponsorship by Wizards, Gale Force 9 and Dapper Devil.

We also revealed two new maps - both small maps perfect for RPG encounters.  Ok, I take that back.  One map, Haunted Quarry, was revealed as the new map for the Epic Arena tournament.  The other, Tract of the Tarrasque, was crafted by a certain Jared and exhibited cartoon features that fit perfectly with the light-hearted mood always seen at the community draft.  Only a sadistic or highly creative DM is using that map for an RPG encounter.  The maps will be available soon to non GenCon attendees - stay tuned for details.

Six new mundane items were also revealed, with point costs between 1 and 4 points.  (Minor magic weapon, hunter's collar, glue globe, lesser healing salve, feather token and spiked carapace).

The first heroscape small base set was put to good use in the heroscape draft.  This time, the draft was implemented in a new way - we did a blind draft with players passing cards to their left after selecting one card.  Nobody knew what anyone else was drafting, which made things less expected.  The super-titan of the set, Fire Giant Raider, was expected to rule the roost, but did not finish in any of the top 3 bands.

Despite adding our events late, we still had ~60 for league.  Many new faces, and we probaably had 70 to 80 different folks participating in our events.  If you missed it, you'll have another chance next year.

Or sooner.  Our next big con will be NeonCon in Las Vegas, the first weekend in November.  Events should be finalized in the next couple weeks.

 Hope to see you all there.










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