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Gencon events...

So, I'm terrible at blogging, but here goes.

DDM events factsheets are posted up now at

I'm personally looking forward not only to the tournament, but also to the fun events associated with league and the community draft. 

I had hoped to have two new maps for GenCon, but the truth is, we'll only  have 2.

The third will come somewhat after because, no matter how well it played, I'm really not happy with the art.  And we want to have maps that will be fun, first and foremost.

Strategically interesting is second, and an important third is:  Does this fill a new niche, and can I use this for an rpg encounter.

The two maps released will satisfy, in one way or another, all three considerations.

The third also meets an unmet need, and we'll have it done more artistically by the fall.


I guess if I discuss art I should express a bias here. 

I love Jason Engle's cartography. 

Photorealistic maps are doable, and interesting maps can be designed- but the fantasy art style he does is, IMO, the best fit for DDM.  this is likely true based on the fact that he did all of wotc's maps, as well as the Hordelings map (temple of the unseeing.) 

Its not easy to produce similar quality works, but I think we need, a priori, to do our best to emulate him, as his style really sets the bar for our future work. 

Ok, that said, expect a very  - ummm - different art type on one of the maps this weekend.  different, yet disturbingly familiar.   


The Heroscape prerelease draft tournament on Sunday promises to be fun, and the constructed championship is always one of the highest level tourneys of the year.  Yet the highlight for many is just seeing old friends, and making new ones.

On that note, I'm looking forward to seeing you all there.

best, dgarry






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