Stella joins the Righteous Defenders of Elturel

"We have joined together to pursue a common purpose," said the paladin. "Despite the passing of the latest crisis Elturel and its people are still under threat."  He paused for a moment looking earnestly at the goliath sorcereress, "Ours is indeed a noble cause."

Stella nodded, recalling well her part in the defeat of the Spell-changed horrors that would have laid waste to all of Elturgard.  Markus Cormaeril could be very persuasive, particularly when he was pursuing a 'noble' quest.  The Purple Dragon Knight was a little too serious for her liking, but Stella had fought with him many times and knew he was one human she could trust.

"I will join the company Markus," Stella agreed, "I give my word to stand with you in the coming battles."

The paladin smiled, extending a hand to the goliath.

"Welcome to the Righteous Defenders of Elturel."

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