The Shrine of the Righteous Defenders of Elturel

Following the end of the 'Paladins' Plague', the authorities and common folk of Elturel threw their energies into rebuilding the devastasted city.  Sir Markus Cormaeril was approached by citizens wanting to honour the brave deeds of those who fought to defend their homes during that dark time.  He agreed to sponsor the construction of a place of worship to Amaunator, sited near the south wall where he and his companions fought one of their most desperate battles.  This would not only recognise the efforts of the defenders of the city but provide a place to give thanks to the Keeper of the Yellow Sun for the role the 'Companion' played in defeating the menace of the Spellplague.

So it came to pass that the 'Shrine of the Righteous Defenders of Elturel' was built in honour of that adventuring company.  A piece of stone from the original city walls destroyed in the battle is set into the ground outside the entrance to the shrine.  A brass plaque, polished daily by the local residents, is set into the stone and bears the following inscription:

"To honour the adventuring company The Righteous Defenders of Elturel, who fought here with steadfast bravery to defend our lives and homes against the curse of the Spellplague in the year of Dale Reckoning 1480.

Sir Markus Cormaeril          Marius Quint          Season           Strom

Durgan Cragscar         Cassandra de Winter       Helson"

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