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Session 18: You know it's not going well when the Paladin runs

So the group headed back to the mushroom woods in order to try and find a way back to Sadent in time to perform the ritual again. On the way back, the party stopped by the abandoned Autumn Court and returned their items. Ray was confident that they wouldn't have trouble with the locals this time around. He was wrong.

The group was ambushed at a waterfall. They needed to climb a cliff to stay on the path, but the leader of the mushroom people (a tiny man riding a large and dangerous panther) charged down the side of the cliff and did massive damage to Ray. Ray was hurting badly. He called for the group to retreat and held off the enemies while everyone ran.

The attackers didn't give chase. It seemed they were just trying to defend their territory. The group rested and decided to try a different track. They looked for a way to climb the cliffs, but it would be a long journey before they could reach an area that was passable. They started looking for caves to find a way up.

The group stumbled upon a cave and decided to give it a look. Maybe they could avoid the mushroom people all together.

Session XP: 300 xp per person


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