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Session 17: 101 Ways to Have Fun With Gnomes

The group came upon a gnome on the road. The talked and the gnome mentioned he was a salesman named tinker and he made little mechanical contraptions. The group bought a mechanical spider that can pick up small screws and other little objects. They also bought some alchemical components.

Tinker (the gnome) told the group he didn't know where the cave of echoes was, but they could ask back at the gnome city. The group decided to go there. The city was behind a waterfall at a lake. It was very beaurocratic.

Ray got the local forgers (a pair of dwarves) to make him a holy symbol. The group decided not to buy anything at this time. They went to the city center to speak with the elders.

They had to make an appointment with the very beaurocratic city hall in order to see the elders. The group was feeling the time crunch. They were hoping to get back to Sadent and save Sadal. They were hoping to get back to Sadent and save Sadal before the ritual ran out and everything went dark again. Amber made trouble and stole the record book of the beaurocrat which got her arrested. The guards gave her a choice: Be banished from the town forever or go to jail. She ended up banished from the town.

While Amber waited outside, the group was able to finally see the elders. They entered the room where three very old gnomes sat in ornate chairs and asked where the cave of echoes was. They were given a very criptic rhyming clue (one line given per elder) and told their time was up. The group was a little frazzled.

But they figured it out and found the door deep in the mines. The door was locked however with three keys. The group was afraid to try and open it without the keys because Sariel sensed magic. The group asked the owner of the mines if he knew where the keys were and he said he didn't and he was afraid to open it. However, he did ask the elders about it and they gave him another clue in three parts that he could never figure it out regarding the key.

The group decided that they needed to see the Winter Court to find a key but Ray was concerned that the party needed to find a way back to Sadant ASAP to redo the ritual. Sariel protested. She didn't want to leave the land of her anscestors but in the end the group decided to go back.

XP For this session: 300 xp per person

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