Inconsistency and lack of gaming

So, the Monday game has been a mess. First, our DM decided to "take time off" from the game for a couple of weeks so he could play Mass Effect 2. I won't rant and rave about it here, but I do think that was pretty weak. I stepped up and was going to run the Storm Tower adventure that Wil Wheaton, Scott Kurtz, Jerry (Tycho from Penny Arcade), and Mike (Gabe from Penny Arcade) played in the second series of podcasts. I made up a slew (seriously, like 14 of them) of interesting pregen characters, complete with personalities, backgrounds, and physical descriptions. I was looking forward to running it over the course of a couple nights, then going back to playing Valar in the regular game.

But it couldn't be that simple. The problem then came up that the DM was just quitting gaming for a while because of his new job. Then another player had his work schedule change and had to withdraw. That player's brother, who had barely come in the first place, was assumed to quit as well at that point. So suddenly we have no DM and 2 players down, meaning we've gone from 7 people involved to 4.

Now we're trying to get things re-established. After talking things over, one of our players will run D&D for us. We still need at least a couple more players though, which is proving surprisingly difficult to get. At some point, hopefully, we'll return to the adventures of Valar and finish that campaign. But in the meantime, I want to gather enough of a group so that I can play with Relic, the Warforged Paladin of Kord.

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