Future of SWM at GVE

By now, most of you have heard that WotC has opted not to renew the Star Wars license.  Obviously, this will effect our long-term plans for supporting the game.  Right now, we are planning on continuing our weekly support throughout the summer.  We will continue to have tournaments every Saturday from 1-5, as well as open play available, through August.  At that time, we will look at our options and make a decision going forward.

We also plan on launching a Starship storyline league this summer using the Firestorm Armada rules, and custom Rebel and Imperial lists.  Those of you who wish to use actual Firestorm fleets, are more than welcome to do so.  It's a big galaxy after all.  This will likely take place Saturday evenings, though that schedule is subject to change.  Firestorm Armada is a bit more complex than either Star Wars Miniatures or Starship Battles, but it is a lot of fun and should give our older players something to enjoy.

Lastly, we will be supporting the relaunch of Heroclix every Saturday morning from 10-1 starting with the Brave and the Bold release.  Yes, I know that it isn't Star Wars... but its as close as we can get.  ;)  It's a very fun prepainted miniatures game, with great figures (I LOVE the new Flash!).

Obviously, we still intend on supporting other WotC product lines, including Magic: the Gathering (with our [Casual] Magical Monday and [Competitive] Pro-Planeswalker Wednesday leagues) and D&D (with weekly games). 

As always, we have space to play, so if you're interested in sitting down with some friends and having a game feel free to stop by. 

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