Stars of Eberron campaign beginning

So I'm running an Eberron game on Fridays now, alternating "story arcs" with the other DM, who probably needed a break. And I hadn't run a game in years, so I volunteered. It's been fun. I've run two sessions and I have one more before I hand things back off to the other DM and take up my Dwarf Warden again. I had an entire shared background for the PCs, namely that they fought together for Breland during the Last War, but there's a curious amount of time that they can't recall right around the time of the Mourning. Yes, I took this idea from one of Keith Baker's novel trilogies. I'll be taking other things from Eberron books as well, since my players don't read them.

In either case, they're now in Sharn, having registered as an adventuring group with one of the guilds. They've been hired by a noble to recover an important box that was on an Orien landcart that was hijacked and robbed. The PCs have found the gang of thieves that did it and learned that the gang was hired to rob the cart and take that specific box. They don't know who or why yet. The players have fought through the gang hideout, only to find out that the gang leader had taken the box and escaped through a secret passage into The Depths. They're now trying to track him down with the help of a goblin guide from the Quiet Ones. They've already met some unpleasant local flora and fauna.

Right now, admittedly, things are pretty basic. It doesn't have the Eberron feel that I want to infuse, partly because I wanted to start slow since I hadn't DMed in so long.  But the Eberron feel is full force in the next part that I'm writing. It's been quite a lot of fun to try and work some of the things that Eberron is known for into the mix (the noir feel, the magipunk, etc) and I'm really hoping the players will enjoy it as much as I have.

I'll post on the game here and there, when it's my turn to run. There won't be really detailed logs like I do with Valar. I just don't have the time. But a general rundown on what the PCs have done and what they're doing shouldn't be too hard. Having a record of what's gone on may prove useful to my DMing at some point as well.

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