Chronicle of Valar Silverlance #12

Having destroyed the zombie swarm and gargoyles outside the tower, we pushed our way inside. I have to admit that I didn't quite expect to find what we did. Cages for creatures as small as a dog all the way up to those which could probably hold an ogre. Several tables with restraints, likely used for dissection, if I'm not mistaken. Nearly every surface in the room was coated with dried blood or worse. Splashes of it went high up the walls and even could be found on the ceiling, disturbingly enough. A plaque was found which declared that in three languages this room was the Vivesctorum. My question now is... was this around when the village was still inhabited? An unsettling thought, if it's true. Almost as unsettling as wondering what purpose it could serve.

We climbed a set of stairs up to the next floor and were greeted by more of the walking dead, shambling through some sort of storage room filled with shelves and broken containers. We were pressed hard. Several of the fleshrotters ganged up on me and it was a close thing that I wasn't sent off to greet Ioun in the Astral Sea. My memories of the situation are fuzzy, likely because of my brush with death. The others helped me downstairs and we have decided to spend a few hours to treat our wounds and seriously rest. The surroundings are rather grisly to have a lie down and a meal, but we've all agreed that pushing forward too quickly would be a poor decision.We'll see what new horrors await us when we continue in the morning.

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