Chronicle of Valar Silverlance #11

While we tended our wounds and caught our breath, I decided to wander the town square and investigate the zombie corpses for signs of anything unusual. I had not honestly expected to find much, but Ioun blessed me with something anyway. Many of the zombies had been... tattooed with a peculiar mark. Most interesting was that the mark seemed to have been made post-mortem. Enough searching turned up a zombie whose mark was very nearly pristine which allowed for me to make out more details than on the more decayed specimens. The mark was an hourglass with black sand over top of a pair of bulls horns. Our new companion Cage related some of his own experiences with the group, saying that the mark was related to an organization which reveres death in all forms. Why they are or were here in Bellflower and what relation, if any, did they have to the travelers from the previous day are still questions I would like to see answered. 
Lacking a better option for what to do, we set off for the tower a few blocks away. I was thinking that perhaps something of interest might be found in the tower or, at the very least, the view from the top of the tower might help us see something that demanded our attention. Maybe it was chance or maybe it was something more malign, but as we pulled into view of the base of the tower, a densely packed throng of zombies waited to greet us. The situation rapidly grew worse as several gargoyles broke free of their resting places on the tower and swooped down to join the battle. We were pressed hard, but once the zombies were blasted to pieces with radiant light, the gargoyles fell one by one. Their desperation maneuver to turn to stone and heal merely delayed the inevitable. When we finish with our brief rest, we'll enter the tower and see what secrets it might hold.  
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