Chronicle of Valar Silverlance #10

My efforts to learn more about what caused this situation were maddeningly unsuccessful. It seems that we have likely killed all those who knew the truth. The survivors could only tell me that the change happened a couple of years ago far to the north. All the men except for the animal caretaker just came back changed. However, I did uncover one interesting bit of information, thank Ioun. The travelers had not come from the east as we'd been told. Instead they had gone through Bellflower and had in fact camped there.  While I was questioning survivors, two more captives were liberated from Papa Grigori's wagon. Upon hearing of our intent to continue on to Bellflower, both of the latest captives as well as the human from earlier offered to join us. Not knowing what might lay before us, we accepted the offer. Several of us offered to help bury the bodies of those we had killed and say a watchful prayer to the gods.

The next morning we spoke with Natalia, the half-elf woman that we'd freed the night before. It seems that she was a companion of Inan, the man whose fate we'd been hired to discover. She did not know for sure if Inan was living or dead or where he was, but she suggested that he was likely already dead. The surviving travelers announced their intentions to continue to Daggersong and settle down there. We pushed north for Bellflower and within a half-day of travel we sighted the town. A large tower was the only notable landmark among a sea of houses and cottages. We tied up our horse and wagon on the outskirts and made our way deeper in. The houses showed signs of being barricaded with someone or something trying to force their way in. Combined with the earlier tales of the walking dead, a clearer picture was being formed of what happened here but we still remained in the dark as to the root cause.

We uncovered the remains and the journal of a little girl in one of the houses. It shone some more light on what happened, but only a little. It was only a matter of time before we ran into some of the walking dead ourselves. As we approached the town square, we were confronted with a horde of undead. At first, it looked as though we'd have the situation well in hand after destroying several zombies within the first few seconds of battle, but our good fortune would only last so long. The undead struck back with dark ferocity and threatened to overwhelm us completely. We held on and destroyed them all, but it was a nearer thing than we might like to admit.We'll now rest and tend to our wounds before deciding what to do next.

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