Been a while

I haven't updated here in a fair while. It's not because I lost interest or anything (though I'm not sure how much interest there is in what I'm posting), but because there hasn't been a lot of gaming to post about. I haven't taken pictures at most of my recent games, though I hope to start again with this Saturday's D&D game. I just posted the journal for sessions #9 of my Monday D&D game. It's just been a few weeks since we'd last played on Monday. Hopefully we'll get back to regularly playing again.

It has one big change, at least for me. Remember how I wrote about how I was kind of frustrated that I was going to be playing a defender in two of my games? Well, it kind of soured me on Valar as a Swordmage. Not to mention that this really is not the kind of group that is best served with a Swordmage as a defender. I love the class. I love the abilities, but with no other melee combatants, it just wasn't working. So with GM permission and some talking with the other players, there are some switches. Shawn, who previously was playing Gregory the Warlock, would change to a Paladin. This would be an entirely new character. It works because Gregory has kind of acted/talked like a coward anyway so it's not a surprise that he'd bugger off.

Valar, on the other hand, would remain the same basic personality and history, but tweaked to fit a new race/class entirely. Valar has gone from being an Eladrin Swordmage to an Elf Monk/Avenger of Ioun. It is, admittedly, a big change. A far smaller change would have been to just do an Eladrin Avenger, but I thought it'd be more interesting to try out the Monk, which is still preview material only at this point. The skillset has changed a lot, really. More than I'd have liked, given the background to the character. Keeping in character may need me to take Skill Training in Arcana at the very least, even though I don't really have the stats to be more than average at it. The class is a lot of fun though, even if it's pretty squishy.

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