Attack on Hoth

We had a great event today at GvE Games and Comics.  Today's mega battle was set up to mirror the assault on the Rebel Base as best as possible, with the massive AT-AT going toe to toe with a flight of snowspeeders led by Luke Skywalker. 

We played around with the 'secret objective' system that we use for many of our other games (including Warhammer and 40k), and it seemed to work pretty well.  I think it will need to be refined and adjusted a bit for the next time around, but overall it was a good time.


Our next Scenario Battle is even more ambitious, with an Order 66 event spread across multiple maps.  This one will require some custom map wizardry, as well as a bit more coordination, but it promises to be our biggest event yet.  We'll keep you updated, and hopefully we'll have some pictures soon!

Thanks again to everyone who came out!

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