Character Building 1-30: Eladrin Warlord(Epic Tier)

After posting this, I'm going to add a new feature of this blog, which I'll call updates. Basically it will introduce alternate build options and issues people have brought up, both in comments and in the threads I create to go along with these blog posts in the Character Optimization forums. Things like using a Heavy Shield or Greatspear with this character, for example. Its easier to deal with these issues in their own post than to go back and edit the four previous posts. I'm also going to try to start including alternative options in the blogs themselves when they occur to me.

And now, on with Epic Tier:

Level 21 (Epic Destiny+Feat+Retraining)--We consider taking Warmaster for a second. Spring the Trap is an amazing Utility, almost worth taking Warmaster just for that. It doesn't offer much more than that however. This us brings us back to Demigod, the default Epic Destiny for all characters. We began play with 16 Strength and we want more, so we're going to stick with Demigod/Chosen, but while Demigod's big regeneration Utility is probably the strongest choice for the level 26 ED Utility, we're a Leader role character, and there is one choice among the Chosen slate of Epic Destinies that really fits us, both the role and our race, and that is Chosen of Corellon, and that is what we take. Its Utility, High Arcana, is both very strong and an encounter duration party buff. At level 21, Chosen of Corellon gives us +2 to two stats, those being Strength(24) and Intelligence(26). For our first Epic feat, we'll take Heavy Blade Mastery in the spirit of being a threat in and of ourselves in addition to being a buff machine. There are more leaderish feats for Epic, but none with the raw power of HBM so we take Mastery first. Also at this time we retrain Iron Will for Robust Defenses, since Robust Defenses does everything Iron Will does and boosts the other two defenses as well.

Level 22(Utility+Feat)--Its hard to argue with Quickening Order at this level. Simply stated, you pop Quickening Order before the fight begins, the party goes first, and they destroy everything with prejudice for a turn. Made of win all around. For our feat, we'll solidify our sub-par Will defense once and for all with Epic Will. I don't like having sub-par defenses if it can be helped, and it can.

Level 23(Encounter)--Level 23 is a tough level for us. We have three solid choices, none of which really stand out. Quickening Force deals solid damage and grants saving throws all around(we don't get the bonus for Resourceful though). Rabbits and Wolves deals solid damage and grants solid repositioning with two full move shifts for allies. Sudden Assault grants an ally a free standard action with a large bonus to attack against your target, but deals piddling damage. Rabbits and Wolves is the most dynamic of these three, so that is what we take. We trade out Surprise Attack for this.

Level 24(Epic Feature+Stats+Feat)--From Chosen of Corellon, we get Divine Recovery which heals us back to our bloodied value when we are dropped to zero for the first time each day, which is pretty darn nice. Strength and Intelligence go up again(25 and 27). Our feat is Protective Leadership. Its not a big boost, but +1 to the defenses of all allies while bloodied is pretty solid.

Level 25(Daily)--Our level 25 Daily is Relentless Assault, which cranks critical hits up to 11 for the party. This is somewhat dependant on the party's ability to deal critical hits, but even so this power can get crazy. Precision Stance is a strong alternative, and what should be taken if your Epic party sucks at getting crits, but Relentless Assault is too much fun to pass on otherwise. We keep Lead the Attack again, and trade out Anticipate Attack.

Level 26(Epic Utility+Feat)--If we had taken Demigod, we would have had a Daily Utility that granted us regeneration equal to our Intelligence stat(not modifier), essentially making us unkillable. In keeping with our Leader role, we instead took Chosen of Corellon, and here is the sole difference. We get High Arcana, which for the duration of the encounter grants you and each ally either +4 to Fort/Will/Reflex or +2 to attack rolls with implements, chosen at the beginning of each turn. This is a huge, party wide buff, and good for taking on the powerful boss battles Epic play seems to generate. Our level 26 feat is Feywild Warrior, as much for fun value as utility. Free teleports after resolving Daily powers for you and your target is sweet, and can get crazy with Spiral of Fey Death and all its targets.

Level 27(Encounter)--Brutal Setup is the power of choice at this level. It buffs allies, but is in addition a bit of control, which is somewhat rare for a Warlord power. A lot of powers give the Dazed condition, and your buff for these lasts until the end of the encounter so your buff may happen again. We swap out Beat Them Into the Ground.

Level 28(Stats+Feat)--We finalize our stats with 28 Intelligence and 26 Strength. In addition, we take the Triumphant Attack feat, adding a debuff to our 19-20 crits.

Level 29(Daily)--We finally say goodbye to Lead the Attack after 28 levels of win, as we finally have two Daily powers that are more painful to give up in Break the Tempo and Relentless Assault. For our final attack power we take Stand Invincible. Perfect Front is a strong alternative, and puts out a lot of offense, particularly if the party can bunch up around you, but we have offensive boosts up and down all over this character, while Stand Invincible's strong defensive boost rounds us out more. Note that High Arcana's defensive buff is not a power bonus, while Stand Invincible is a power bonus. They do stack, and +8 to Fortitude/Reflex/Will is great for killing gods, demon lords, and the like.

Level 30(Epic Feature+Feat)--We get the capstone Demigod/Chosen feature here, the infinite Encounter power loop we all know and love. We get one more feat, and we take Martial Mastery for more Encounter recycling.

That's all for our Epic Taclord. Next up will be the two classes new to Character Builder this month: Seeker and Assassin!

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Eladrin Warlord, level 30
Eladrin, Warlord, Spiral Tactician, Chosen
Commanding Presence: Tactical Presence
Divine Spark: Divine Spark Intelligence
Divine Spark: Divine Spark Strength
Background: Society - Noble (+2 to Diplomacy)

Str 26, Con 12, Dex 17, Int 28, Wis 10, Cha 13.

Str 16, Con 10, Dex 13, Int 16, Wis 8, Cha 11.

AC: 46 Fort: 44 Reflex: 43 Will: 40
HP: 169 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 42

Religion +29, Endurance +20, Athletics +27, Diplomacy +23, History +31

Acrobatics +17, Arcana +26, Bluff +16, Dungeoneering +15, Heal +15, Insight +15, Intimidate +16, Nature +15, Perception +15, Stealth +17, Streetwise +16, Thievery +17

Level 1: Eladrin Soldier (retrained to Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade) at Level 14)
Level 2: Tactical Assault
Level 4: Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Level 6: Tactical Inspiration
Level 8: Durable
Level 10: Saving Inspiration
Level 11: Combat Commander
Level 12: Fey Tactics
Level 14: Weapon Proficiency (Bastard sword)
Level 16: Iron Will (retrained to Robust Defenses at Level 21)
Level 18: Shield Specialization
Level 20: Heavy Blade Opportunity
Level 21: Heavy Blade Mastery
Level 22: Epic Will
Level 24: Protective Leadership
Level 26: Feywild Warrior
Level 28: Triumphant Attack
Level 30: Martial Mastery

Warlord at-will 1: Wolf Pack Tactics
Warlord at-will 1: Commander's Strike
Warlord encounter 1: Warlord's Favor
Warlord daily 1: Lead the Attack
Warlord utility 2: Knight's Move
Warlord encounter 3: Steel Monsoon
Warlord daily 5: Stand the Fallen
Warlord utility 6: Guileful Switch
Warlord encounter 7: Surprise Attack
Warlord daily 9: Knock Them Down
Warlord utility 10: Bolstering Shout
Warlord encounter 13: Beat Them Into the Ground (replaces Warlord's Favor)
Warlord daily 15: Anticipate Attack (replaces Stand the Fallen)
Warlord utility 16: Warlord's Banner
Warlord encounter 17: Thunderous Fury (replaces Steel Monsoon)
Warlord daily 19: Break the Tempo (replaces Knock Them Down)
Warlord utility 22: Quickening Order
Warlord encounter 23: Rabbits and Wolves (replaces Surprise Attack)
Warlord daily 25: Relentless Assault (replaces Anticipate Attack)
Warlord encounter 27: Brutal Setup (replaces Beat Them Into the Ground)
Warlord daily 29: Stand Invincible (replaces Lead the Attack)

Adventurer's Kit, Light Shield, Magic Voidhide +6, Magic Bastard sword +6, Magic Javelin +6, Amulet of Protection +6
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