Scenario Play?

We've done a handful of events for our opening weekend at Good vs Evil Games and Comics, and some of the most successful seem to be the scenario and themed battles we did for Warhammer and 40k.  Just out of curiosity, would people be interested in some scenarios for Star Wars miniatures.  

For example, I have been kicking around an idea for doing something a little bit "bigger" than the usual tournament play.  Each player would be able to choose to side with either the Rebels or the Imperials and be assigned to one of our tables, each of which would have a different scenario with unique goals and several objectives for each side.  At the end of the event, 'victory' would be decided by the number of completed objectives.  

Obviously, this would be a more casual event, and would require a bit more organization on our part, but I think it could be a lot of fun.  What do people think?  Would there be any interest in this type of event?

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