SWM and the DCI

Ok since Gencon I have taken a ton of private messages about becoming a judge and what it means.  So after all of this Ihave decided I am probably going to write an article for Gamers about the interaction of DCI with Star Wars Miniatures.

Since Gencon Jim and I have been in discussions with DCI to see where the game stands in their eyes.  Well once again we came up short according to them.  On the bright side we were given authorization to proceed on our own to do what we need.   So now the RAC.ORG website becomes important to Minis players all over.  It is there we will develop a judges test.  It is there we will have judges feedback and forums to assist judges in becoming better.

I think the game has reached the point where it is important to have trained judges.  Not so much for the rules.  I think if you check any gamestore in the world where SWM is played you are going to find someone who knows the rules.  What we need are people that can handle tournament issues that come up.  I think going forward into 2010 that this will be a big step.

I also look forward to our next set of Floor Rules coming up.  I think there maybe some changes made to the floor rules to help both the competitive game and the more casual gaming atmosphere that wants to play DCI also.

I look forward to 2010 as with talking with Jim we have a ton of stuff to get done for ORganized Play.  Sarah was esstatic with how Gen con turned out.  So here is to looking forward to 2010.

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