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87. PC Journal for Lost Mines of Phandelver - Entry #4

Lost Mines of Phandelver (Spoilers)

Entry 4 (Written by Fen’olen – High Elven Wizard dedicated to Oghma)

We left Agatha; then settled for a short rest near her abode, after which we walked south past the ruins of Conyberry towards the hills.  We let Salazar lead us.  He would often stop to look at the ground or sniff the air, and after a day we were able to find a lone orc stading guard before a cave mouth.  I looked over at Gamil, the Dwarven fighter, a malicious smile spread across his face.   We all crept up quietly, but Gamil strode forth with an air of blatant defiance.


Unfortunately, our first volley of attacks did not bring the orc down; it was able to blow a horn alerting the rest of its clan.   When we did bring the brute down, I ran up behind a boulder getting closer to the cave entrance, yet remaining hidden.   Throin and Gamil moved up to the cave entrance.    Salazar and Anora both stayed behind with me.   

When Thorin moved inside the cave mouth, to see into the yawning crevasse, I shouted out in Dwarven, “yell back to us when an enemy shows itself.”  

Just then, a deep, brutish voice bellowed out, “who wants Grog to come out?”   It was then, I later learned, that Thorin saw that Grog was an ogre!   Quickly, Thorin began dodging and shifting while surrounded by orcs who charged past Grog to attack.   The orcs did not harm the cleric, and although Salazar and Anora fired arrows at them, none of the foes went down.  My ray of frost hit one of the orcs pretty solidly, but it still wasn’t enough to down the creature.  Before we could act again, Grog swung his mighty club, and even though Thorin dodged defensively, the ogre connected, critically wounding Thorin with one blow.   At that point, we realized how dangerous this situation would be.

The rest of the fight was a blur to me.   I ran up, used burning hands to burn down some of the orcs around Thorin, crafting the flame as to avoid both him and Gamil.   Soon after, more orcs rushed forward.    Adrenaline flared on both sides.   Throughout the course of the battle, Gamil was battered, falling down three or four times only to be revived by spell and divine energy.   Thorin fell twice, needing healing potions to restore him to fighting condition each time.   Salazar fell once.   I played a cautious game, staying out of harms way as best I could, using all my spells with the greatest of care.   Anora skittled around as she is wont to do, hiding and attacking, a combination of defensive prescience and offensive preeminence.  

Once we faced down the orc chief Brughor Axe-Biter, and Gamil struck the creature down, the other orcs lost some of their zeal, making them easier to defeat.  

Unfortunately, Grog was still on the warpath.   Gamil cut into the ogre with a mighty blow, and a precision strike from Anora brought the monster down saving our skins.   

Special note:  Ogres are tough. 


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