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July 22


         Well, this couldn't get any more boring. Hello, my name is Lucky 7 and I am here to tell you about how I live my life and IF you want to live a simple life with some good advise, I'm here to help. Like, if you want to make sure you're using your money right, you have to buy the items that last the longest in life. It's pretty easy. So, that is my sample (even though, most people know about this) of my advises.

          Today, I had to take care of my little sister and it took a long time to finish my job. This "job" starts around 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. It's not that bad. I really don't mind it. I love my little sister and she is my responsibilty. Although, it's hard to take care of her when I'm a dude and she is a girl. Gender stuff, i guess. Then, after I finish my "job" at 3:00 p.m. I go down to the library and do whatever I want until around 9:00 p.m. Sometimes, I might head down to Crystal (some place) at 3:00 pm. to buy D&D 4e books and RIFTS books at the Half-Price bookstore. I can have 30% off of all the D&D books from now on. And let me tell you: It's awsome. But, I guess it was a blessing from God. I should also tell you that I am trying to be a christian. I'm already a Catholic but, I need to start being a christian. If you believe in another religon or you don't believe in any, I'm okay with (almost) anyone and I will (somehow) respect them.

          So, everyday from now on: I will blog about my life. Yeah, it might be boring (alright almost completely boring) but, let me remind you: this is about life and how you want to live it.... or is it? What I mean is this: Question: What does Freedom mean to you? Answer: To be free from your sins and from your sinful ways.  Yeah, I'm still practicing to be a christian.

         But, I guess in the end of the day: We're all the same. We're not better than anyone else. We're not supreme or superior cmpared to others. There are reasons why things happen. And each of these reasons has a purpose. A purpose that will impact life later. So, keep in mind that you're important as everyone else. And that is how LUCKY you are if you chose to live in God's way and have good morale and be at least mature about this. I'm not that mature. But, I'm serious. Well, got to get back playing Artix games. This one is Mecha Quest. Lucky Out.


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