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77. Rhenny's Travensberg D&D Next Campaign - Part 22

Travensburg Campaign – Part 22 – 6/29/2014


“Split the Party – Scouting to the South”


We played for about 3 hours…2 players –– 7th level PCs – Continuing our Campaign


T’rissril Eilsndar the Drow Bard
Fid (the Dwarven Fighter who transformed into a Warforge Fighter)
Fawnsworth the Gnome Illusionist ex-jester
Nalcon the Noble Cleric of Pelor (not present this game)
Darhgel the Tiefling Evoker                                                                                      
Rhaegar the Dragonborn Paladin  (Bounty Hunter  – Oath of Vengeance Build - Acid)

Wow…it’s been a while since we’ve played.  Very busy.   Tonight we sneaked in a quick unannounced game and only 2 players could make it – Fid and Darhgel.


The adventurers were spending a few weeks of downtime in Freehold so Fid bartered with the local blacksmith and sold his magical armor in order to use the blacksmith’s forge and materials to resize the platemail they were able to take from Gorkill, the Bugbear chief.  He was even able to haggle with the blacksmith and got the blacksmith to give him 800 gp in addition.    Darhgel spent his time researching spells and added Blight and Ice Storm to his repertoire.   The others spent their time in Freehold and were so wrapped up that Fid and Darhgel found themselves alone at the Halfmoon Inn, trading stories in the tap room.


As they were talking, Fid noticed two black cloaked men sitting at a nearby table.   They were whispering a language Fid couldn’t understand and often they would stop talking entirely.   Fid decided to buy them drinks, and as he bought two ales and carried them over to their table, he slammed the mugs down on the tabletop and pulled one of the cloaks off the human’s head to reveal his face.   Fid saw that this man looked humanoid, but his skin was oddly transparent.  The man, or creature, told Fid to join them for a drink.  Then he pointed to Darhgel and beckoned him over as well.   The two creatures, asked the two adventurers about themselves and their adventures.   Eventually they asked if Fid and Darhgel had heard of the Forever Stone.   Fid remembered that he and his companions had tried to retrieve the stone in the Mines of Madness, but they had killed the crypt thing, Abracadamus, so the stone was lost to them.    The transparent man told Fid that their employer wanted them to find the Forever Stone, or information that might lead them to it.  When they asked Fid and Darhgel to help them, Fid wanted to know more about their employer, but the transparent man would not reveal more information.  He did however promise that his employer was a higher power who could grant Fid and Darhgel whatever they wanted if they could find the Stone.   Fid and Darhgel declined their offer, and the two transparent men in cloaks stood and left the inn, saying, “maybe later we’ll be able to offer you something material and you’ll reconsider.”


The night passed uneventfully, and in the morning, the adventurers discussed what they remembered about Abracadamus and the Forever Stone.   Fid remembered that they did have a map and a deed to a tower that seemed to be owned by Abracadamus, so they told the rest of the group that they would scout the south to see if they could find the tower while everyone else finished their business in Freehold.   With that, the two heroes ventured forth.


After a number of hours, Fid and Darhgel stumbled into an ambush.   3 Ogres and 1 Ogre Warrior attacked them.   Fid smashed away at the ogres, but took a few great club shots to the head (a few crits did a nice bit of damage); then he finally faced the ogre warrior, mano-a-mano.   Darhgel used lightning bolt and his newly learned Blight spell to kill one of the ogres and seriously injure the other, all the while taking a javelin to the chest and a club to the head.  After the heroes had dispatched the ogre threat, both Fid and Darhgel were bloodied and battered.   Before they could rest, they felt the ground shake and an Ettin appeared crashing through the trees to the west.   Fid wielded his magical warhammer to great effect.   Darhgel unleashed magic missiles, lightning bolts and rays of frost to compliment his partner.   One more hit against either Fid or Darhgel would have taken either of them down, but luck was with them as Fid smashed into the Ettin’s knee, toppling the brute for good.  


Bloody and exhausted, the two adventurers moved to the south west and saw a crude hut.   Inside they found a human trapper tied up and gagged.   The adventurers untied the man and found out that the trapper could make an herbal broth that could aid their recovery.   They spent some time with the trapper and as they got ready to rest for the night, they noticed that the south side of the hut started to smoke and burn.   Darhgel noticed their plight and ran outside to see 4 goblins and a goblin shaman.   The shaman had used burning hands to start the fire while the other goblins waited for victims to hack.   Before they could bring their maces down upon Darhgel, Darhgel blasted them with a thunderous wave of energy that killed all 4 goblins, blowing them back 10’ as well.  Seeing this, the shaman ran.   Fid expended all of his energy to give chase (action surge) and he was just able to catch the goblin spellcaster and hack him down in one blow.  The rest of the night was uneventful.


The next day, the trapper said that life out here was getting too dangerous so he decided to go back to Freehold.   Fid and Darhgel told him to find their companions and tell them what had happened.  They wanted the trapper to help their companions find them as soon as possible. 


Traveling further south, the two adventurers eventually saw a large steep hill off in the distance.  The Tower of Abracadamus rose into the sky at the top of that hill.   When they got to the base of the hill, Fid knew that the climb would not be so easy.   He used his pick and a rope to make it up some of the hill.   Darhgel tried to follow, but he slipped and fell.   As he hit the ground at the base of the hill, a horrible creature erupted from beneath the snow.   An Ice Umber Hulk burst out to take its prey.   Fid saw it and tried to run down the slope and jump onto the beast, but he slipped and tumbled down right into the creature.   The Ice Umber Hulk was able to hurt Fid with a deadly attack.   Darhgel was able to shake off the feeling of confusion that he felt as he looked at the creature’s eyes, and he hit it with a bolt of lightning.   Fid wasn’t as lucky…he was charmed by the creature’s gaze and he swung wildly at the creature missing and then he swung wildly at Darhgel, but missed.   The creature brought its claws and mandibles to bare on Darhgel and nearly knocked Darhgel off his feet (9 hp left).   Darhgel disengaged to save himself and seconds later he used more magical power to hurt the creature, but this creature was strong.   Fid, still charmed by the creature, attacked it once and was able to hit, but then he pulled a hand axe from his belt and threw it at Darhgel.   The fight went on, and before Fid could break the confusing effects of the Ice Umber Hulk’s eyes, he threw another axe at Darhgel and hit him in the chest (down to 4 hp).   Darhgel was really frightened so he ran further away from both Fid and the Umber Hulk.    Eventually, Fid broke the charm effect and was able to crack the creature’s carapace.   


After taking a short rest, the two adventurers climbed up the hill and stood at the base of the tower.   They saw one door on the southern side, but they decided to wait outside and hope that the rest of their party would show up soon.




Interestingly, the wilderness encounters that I had planned for a full group were a nice challenge for the two PCs.  (I did take away a few Ogres and another Ogre Warrior though).


The battles were really exciting.   Miraculously, I rolled about 8 “20”s tonight, which really did damage to Fid (even though his AC is 22 and he has Heavy Armor Mastery).  On the other side, Fid scored 4 or 5 crits against the monsters.


At this point, I think Darhgel has used 5 HD of healing and Fid has used 3 HD.   Darhgel has used 2 or 3 spells too.   Hopefully next time, the others will catch up and join these two before they venture into the tower.

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