Im Siren, Pleased to meet you all

Hello all of the Wizards community, My name is Siren and im starting a game group after a long time of being out of the dice world, i got sucked into Skyrim and well its been hard to find players or a DM, but as the story goes everyone wants to play no one wants to DM, So im stepping up and going to do this damn thing, so if any one has maps or a story id be glad for the help, another reason its kind of hard for me to roll dice like i did in my younger year im a single mom and work a full time job so time is hard to find but i think i have some people who are willing to work with me and for that i am lucky, im also looking for some pointers like should i start at LV1 or do i start them at LV5, when do i let the multi classing come in to play, and when would be a good time to use a big dragon lol or any new or diffrent magic items that you have made up and would like to see spread around and make game fun not only for your group but to share the weath with another, well i see im starting to ramble on so ill end this one and when im up and running ill keep you updated but i doubt any one will read have a good one all 

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