Elfmer failed me! JOU draft

Ok so I play alot of swiss. M14, JOU, and even some flash back. Every time I play i'm seeking to 2-1. Why? IDK it just feel like par to me. Offcourse we all want to win, but a managable/attainable goal seems to keep me level while giving me icentive to not throw matches when disaters srtike, wich is often.

 Do you ever just get wreked pack 3. The colors that were open in pk1 seem to disapear in pk 3. Did everyone jump ship pack 2? What happend. 5th pick  elfmer followed by a 12th pick nessian game warden should be enough to bank on a good green pack 3. But NEAIGH i say, not even a nessian courser in all 15 picks. WHY? I find mysel with 75% of a deck and a " well i'll do pretty good if my opponent get mana screwed plan" wich if you can tell is the absence of one. What insanity/creativity is goig through the minds of my draft mates to so fervenlly pass green than gobble at the last minute. Is green the universal " oh crap my draft fell apart so lets just jam big dumb things" color?  Draft after draft i ask myself were have all the floweres gone? I blame you elfmer!

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