Magic Online Announcements June 3, 2014

Magic Online May Updates, JOU Block Constructed Championship Qualifiers, Vintage Masters Articles and News, Cube going on now

Upcoming Events
May 28-June 11
Magic Online
Paired Formats:
June 4-11: Innistrad/Dark Ascension
June 4-June 10
Starting: 12:30 PM PDT (19:30 UTC)
running every 3 hours, on the half-hour
Journey into Nyx
Championship Constructed Qualifiers

Format: Swiss Theros Block Constructed
June 7
8:00 AM PDT (15:00 UTC)
Journey into Nyx
Championship Limited Finals

Format: Swiss Sealed with Top 8
June 8-July 20
9:00 AM PDT (15:00 UTC)
MOCS Appreciation Events
Format: Swiss Sealed with Top 8
June 13-June 16
June 13, 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC)
Downtime, June 16
Vintage Masters
Prerelease Events
June 14
8:00 AM PDT (15:00 UTC)
Journey into Nyx
Championship Block Constructed Finals

Format: Swiss Theros Block Constructed with Top 8
June 16-July 2
June 16, 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC)
Downtime, July 2
Vintage Masters
Release Events
Magic Online May Update

In his May Update article, Magic Online Executive Producer, Worth Wollpert, announced that Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) and Pro Tour Qualifier (PTQ) events are not yet ready to return to Magic Online.

As a way to thank all of our players who've been earning Qualifier Points (QPs), we will be running a series of MOCS Appreciation Events beginning on Sunday, June 8 and running periodically through Sunday, July 20. These will be invitation-only events for players who have earned at least 35 QPs in a MOCS season. Players can expect to receive their invitation the Thursday preceding the event.

Vintage Masters Updates and Articles

How do you take twenty-plus years of Magic, pick out a set of cards that are fun to play with, have a diverse set of strategies, and work well together in multiple formats - all while using some of the most powerful cards in the game? In yesterday's article Lead Developer for Vintage Masters, Ian Duke, voices his thoughts on the matter. Ian introduces players to the team behind the set and talks about the strategy behind Vintage Masters.

In other Vintage Masters news, the rarities for the full set have been announced! Refer to Blake Rasmussen's article for all of the details.

Journey into Nyx Block Constructed Championship Qualifiers Begin Wednesday, June 4

The Journey into Nyx Constructed Qualifiers begin on June 4. Don't forget to participate if you're aiming for the Journey into Nyx Constructed Championship on Saturday, June 14. Remember, just for participating in a Journey into Nyx Qualifier, you'll receive a regular promo version of Hall of Triumph and the premium version for taking part in the Championships!

2-Player Constructed Prize Adjustment

Beginning after downtime on Wednesday, June 4, all 2-Player Constructed events will award one Journey into Nyx booster pack to the winner.

Journey into Nyx Cube On Now!

The Journey into Nyx Magic Online Cube began last week and continues through Wednesday, June 11.

We have special Flashback Drafts accompanying the Cube. The Kamigawa Block Flashback Draft is running now and continues until June 4. After the downtime on June 4, Innistrad and Dark Ascension from the Innistrad Block will replace the Kamigawa Block until the downtime on June 11.

MOCS and MOPR Promo Cards for June

2014 Magic Online Championship Series
The MOCS 2014 June Season started May 28, 2014, and runs through June 25, 2014. The promo card is:

Magic Online Player Rewards Program
These are the June MOPR cards beginning tomorrow, May 28, 2014, through June 24, 2014. The promo cards are:

Squelching Leeches

Event Participation Promo

Dictate of Kruphix

Store Activity Promo

Downtime for June 4, 2014

  • All tournaments will close at 5:00 AM PDT (12:00 UTC)
  • Store and trade activity will be suspended at approximately 7:45 AM PDT (14:45 UTC)
  • The system will be down from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT (15:00 to 19:00 UTC)

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