UPDATE: Theros Redemption Request (Standard) Temporarily Out of Stock

Theros Redemption Request (Standard) is temporarily out of stock.
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Update 4/29/2014: Our stock of Theros Redemption Request (Standard) is temporarily out of stock. This is temporary, so check back for news when inventory is replenished again.

Update 4/18/2014: We have replenished the stock of Theros Redemption Request (Standard) with additional reserves. As mentioned, we expect more inventory to arrive in mid-May.

It has come to our attention that the Theros Redemption Request (Standard) inventory is running low. As a result, you may have noticed that this product was not available in the store for a short period of time. We currently have Theros Redemption Request (Standard) available. No past or in-progress Redemption orders are impacted by the low inventory.

We have replenished stock from our reserve inventory and Theros Redemption Request (Standard) is once again available for purchase. We are hopeful that the reserve inventory will sustain demand until additional Theros Redemption Request (Standard) product becomes available in mid-May; however, there is a possibility that demand will outpace supply before that time. In the event this occurs, we will keep the the community posted through the blog with a notice that the supply has run out along with an updated estimate for the restock.

You can view all current sets redemption guarantee and redemption cutoff dates on the Magic Online Events Calendar. For additional information about redemption, please read our Redemption Policy.

Thank you for your patience.

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