Magic Online Announcements April 1, 2014

Magic Online Champion crowned, April Phool's events, BNG Championships are coming, Odyssey Flashback Draft, R&D Challenge.

Upcoming Events
April 2–9
Flashback Block Draft
April 9–16
Time Spiral
Flashback Block Draft
April 9 to April 15
1:30 PM PDT, and every 3 hours
Born of the Gods Championship Qualifiers: Standard
Format: Standard Constructed
April 16–23
Shards of Alara
Flashback Block Draft
April 16 to April 22
1:30 PM PDT, and every 3 hours
Born of the Gods Championship Qualifiers: Limited
Format: Sealed
April 18
12:00 PM PDT (19:00 UTC)
R&D Challenge
Format: Theros Block Constructed
Sunday, April 20
8:00 AM PDT (15:00 UTC)
Born of the Gods Championship: Standard
Format: Standard Constructed
April 23–30
Flashback Draft
Sunday, April 27
8:00 AM PDT (15:00 UTC)
Born of the Gods Championship: Limited
Format: Sealed
April 30 to May 7
Flashback Draft
New Magic Online Champion Has Been Crowned

A champion has emerged from this past weekend's Magic Online Championship held in San Francisco. Congratulations to Lars Dam!

If you missed the video streams for the event, check out the recap of the weekend.

Last Chance to Play Cube!

The Cube is going away again—but there's still time to get in a game before it ends at downtime on April 2.

This means we're also closing in on the end of the paired New Phyrexia/Mirrodin Besieged/Scars of Mirrodin Flashback Draft, which ends at the same time as the Cube. Don't miss out!

April Phool's Is Happening Now

April Phool's in Magic Online has begun, but there's only a small window for you to jump in, claim your Darksteel Relic promo, and compete for a chance to win prizes.

What is April Phool's? Find out and get in a game—but make it quick! It ends with downtime on April 2.

Are You Ready for Odyssey and Time Spiral Drafts?

April's Flashback frenzy begins on April 2 following the downtime. Each week, we're offering a different Flashback Draft format that resurrects amazing past Magic blocks and sets, starting with Odyssey this Wednesday, April 2. Need a refresher on what you'll find in the block? Check out the product info pages for Odyssey, Torment, and Judgment.

Then, prepare yourself for a time slip back to Time Spiral Block, beginning April 9. Draft the block that includes the sets Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight.

Check out all the April Flashback Draft events coming throughout the month.

Challenge R&D in Theros Block Constructed

Have you mastered the first two sets of Theros Block? Itching to show your Magic prowess? Flex your heroic muscles? Here's your chance!

On Friday, April 18, take on members of Magic Online's R&D team and prove your savvy with Theros and Born of the Gods.

The regularly scheduled Standard event at this time will shift to 12:30 PM PDT.

UPDATE! New names have been added to the R&D team list:

  • Ian Duke
  • Ben Hayes
  • David Humpherys
  • Tom LaPille
  • Ken Nagle
  • Sam Stoddard
  • Erik Lauer
  • Tim Aten
  • Gerry Thompson
  • Adam Prosak

R&D Challenge: Theros Block Constructed
START TIMES Friday, April 18, starting at 12:00 PM PDT.
LOCATION Scheduled Events room.
Option 1
10 Event Tickets
PRODUCT A Theros Block Constructed deck, 60 or more cards from the Theros and/or Born of the Gods sets.
SIZE 16-128 players.
FORMAT Theros Block Constructed.
DURATION Five rounds, each round up to 50 minutes, Swiss pairings.
Match Wins Prizes QPs
5 12 Theros booster packs
6 Born of the Gods booster packs
4 6 Theros booster packs
3 Born of the Gods booster packs
3 4 Theros booster packs
1 Born of the Gods booster pack

Note: Magic R&D members are not eligible to win prizes, but their matches will affect standings. Any prizes R&D members would have won will be distributed evenly among the players with 15 match points and within 5 business days of the event's end.

Downtime and Release Notes for April 2, 2014

  • All tournaments will close at 5:00 AM PDT (12:00 UTC)
  • Store and trades will be shut off at approximately 7:45 AM PDT (14:45 UTC)
  • The system will be down from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT (15:00 to 19:00 UTC)

Wide Beta Client Notes:

  • Fixed: Several crashes on launch, in Collection, in Play Lobby, and in the Duel Scene.
  • Fixed: Several memory issues and improved performance in Collection, Play Lobby, and Store.
  • Updated: Added additional crash logging.
  • Fixed: Seating display in Draft is now correct.
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