Magic Online Announcements March 25, 2014

April Phool's event! Extended downtime this week, R&D Challenge 4/18, prize structure updates.

Upcoming Events
Wednesday, March 26
Extended Downtime
Starts Tuesday night, Mar 25
at 10:00 PM PDT.
March 19 to April 2
Magic Online Cube
March 26 to April 2
Flashback Draft
New Phyrexia/Mirrodin Besieged/Scars of Mirrodin
March 28–30
2013 Magic Online Championship
Watch a live stream of the events.
March 31–April 2
April Phool's
Format: 8-Booster Phantom Sealed
April 2–9
Flashback Odyssey Block Draft
April 9–16
Flashback Time Spiral Block Draft
April 16–23
Flashback Shards of Alara Block Draft
April 18
R&D Challenge
Format: Theros Block Constructed
April 23–30
Lorwyn/Morningtide Flashback Draft
April 30 to May 7
Shadowmoor/Eventide Flashback Draft
Extended Downtime on March 26

There will be an extended downtime this Wednesday, March 26, for Magic Online. The system will come down at 10:00 PM PDT (5:00 UTC) on Tuesday evening, March 25 (store activity, trades, and events will cease leading up to the system going offline).

Please plan ahead!

April Phools!

We have some fun events lined up for you around that iconoclastic semi-holiday known as April Fool's Day. But no foolery here, just 8-booster Phantom Sealed fun.

Beginning Monday, March 31, at 12:30 PM PDT and continuing until downtime April 2, you'll find April Phool's Phantom Sealed events in eight format varieties to play every hour on the half-hour (so, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, etc.). These are not your everyday formats:

Heavy Metal The Erik Lauer Experience
The Weatherlight Saga Cycling Time!
Core Crazy! Tribes
Sliver Farm Woooo Berg!

Get complete April Phool's event details.

Cube and Flashback Drafts Happening Now

The Magic Online Cube is now running, and following downtime on Wednesday, March 26, Scars of Mirrodin Block Flashback Drafts will begin. These will run until downtime on Wednesday, April 2.

Start Earning QPs Toward Force of Will

The MOCS April Season begins on Wednesday, March 26, and you won't want to miss out on this season's promo card: Force of Will! You only need 15 QPs to earn one, and there are lots of events in which to win QPs during the month of April, including a new Flashback Draft each week. For a complete list of events, visit the Magic Online Events Calendar.

MOCS and MOPR March Season Grants

March Season promo card grants for the Magic Online Championship Series (Lion's Eye Diamond) and the Magic Online Player Rewards (store activity: Banisher Priest, event participation: Bident of Thassa) will be made during this week's downtime.

Challenge R&D in Theros Block Constructed

Have you mastered the first two sets of Theros Block? Itching to show your Magic prowess? Flex your heroic muscles? Here's your chance!

On Friday, April 18, take on members of Magic Online's R&D team and prove your savvy with Theros and Born of the Gods.

The R&D team will include:

  • Ian Duke
  • Ben Hayes
  • David Humpherys
  • Tom LaPille
  • Ken Nagle
  • Sam Stoddard
  • Erik Lauer
  • Tim Aten
  • Gerry Thompson
  • Adam Prosak

R&D Challenge: Theros Block Constructed
START TIMES Friday, April 18, starting at 12:00 PM PDT.
LOCATION Scheduled Events room.
Option 1
10 Event Tickets
PRODUCT A Theros Block Constructed deck, 60 or more cards from the Theros and/or Born of the Gods sets.
SIZE 16-128 players.
FORMAT Theros Block Constructed.
DURATION Five rounds, each round up to 50 minutes, Swiss pairings.
Match Wins Prizes QPs
5 12 Theros booster packs
6 Born of the Gods booster packs
4 6 Theros booster packs
3 Born of the Gods booster packs
3 4 Theros booster packs
1 Born of the Gods booster pack

Note: Magic R&D members are not eligible to win prizes, but their matches will affect standings. Any prizes R&D members would have won will be distributed evenly among the players with 15 match points and within 5 business days of the event's end.

Magic Online Championship This Weekend & Competitors Pt. 3

The Magic Online Championship is this weekend, beginning March 28, and running through March 30. You can get a front-row seat for the tournament by tuning into the Magic channel. Check the Viewer Information for a list of the competitors and to find out when events will be airing.

Then, visit's series of competitor profiles to get to know who's who in that list of competitors. This week, Part 3 of the series introduces us to four more competitors.

Catch up by checking out Part 1 and Part 2.

Prize Structure Updates

The following prize structures updates will be made during the March 26 downtime:

  • 4-booster Theros Block Sealed
    1st Place: 3 Theros packs, 3 Born of the Gods packs, and 1 QP
  • Theros Block Sealed Daily
    4 Match Wins: 8 Theros packs, 4 Born of the Gods packs, and 3 QPs
  • All Constructed 5-3-2-2 (Standard, Modern, Momir Basic, Pauper, Theros Block, Legacy)
    1st Place: 3 Theros packs, 2 Born of the Gods packs, and 2 QPs

Extended Downtime and Release Notes for March 26, 2014

  • The system will go into "No Pay" Tuesday evening, March 25, at 7:00 PM PDT
  • Store and trades will be shut off at approximately 9:45 AM PDT
  • The system will be down from 10:00 PM, March 25, until 12:00 PM PDT, March 26

March Season MOCS and MOPR promo card will be granted during the downtime.

Current Client and Wide Beta Client Notes:

  • Fixed: Players with untradable cards that resulted from the unexpected downtime should find those cards tradable once more.

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