Magic Online Events Have Returned


Magic Online events are now open for entry. Players are now able to once again enter events, purchase from the store, and make trades.

Magic Online replays have been temporarily disabled in order to facilitate the return of events to Magic Online.

All players in events from 10 AM until 12 PM PST will be automatically reimbursed. We have a full list of the impacted events so players in those events do not need to file for reimbursement. Users reimbursed in this fashion will have the returned product in their account the next time they log into Magic Online.

The Magic Online Championship Season 3 Finals was one of the impacted events. We will be rescheduling that event for a later date.

We will be posting further information on on Tuesday, March 11 by 6 PM PDT.


Mike Turian

Digital Product Manager - Magic Online

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