Born of the Gods

If you're drafting Born of the Gods, there are certain protocols you should follow.

          First of all, don't always draft Chromanticore

          Chromanticor is an amnazing card, but its mana cost is a whole . Good in Commander, and maybe Legacy, and maybe (no guarentee, but maybe) Standard, but in Limited you want to stick to less than five colors to deal with in your deck. Some of you reading this probably are thinking, "Totally," and some of you are probably thinking, "OMG! No! Five color junk is the bomb! How could you possibly think different ?!?!?!?!?!?!" And those of you who think five color junk is cool, no problem; but here's why you want to stick to two-to-three-color card pools in Born of the Gods.


  1.  Minor Gods are Two Colors
  2.  Kiora, the Crashing Wave is two colored
  3. Brimaz is only one color, but if you get something else like Champion of Stray Souls, you can still play two colored.

  4. > Better mana curves

  5. -"All I wanted to do was be like Dark Confidant. . ." Some good creatures have inspired, and you don't want a Jund Reanimate deck having a Pain Seer in it, potentially killing you each turn.

  6. Satyr Firedancer is good in Gruul Decks, but-eh-not so good in Jund or Grixis decks.

  7. : Activated abilites usually need good mana combos.

  8. Backing your opponent into corners is perfect with decks like Rakdos Aggro, Orzhov Control, and even some Mill cards.

  9.  Reanimation decks are often two colors, and reanimate is one of the most suggested types.

  10. Scry lands are two colors (other than in Time Spiral Block. . .), and there are three in Born of the Gods.

           All of these are what I've heard, except two or three are my own opinions.

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