Hello World!

Welcome to Azzy’s Trivial Trivia, my wee D&D blog wherein I discuss D&D past and present, offer comparisons and retrospectives, offer my opinions and insights on the game, and hopefully dispel some misconceptions.


First, let me introduce myself. My name is Kyn (pronounced like the word “kin”), and I’ve been going by the online tag of “Azzy” or “Azzy1974” since Eric Noah first opened his website prior to the release of 3e D&D. I’ve been playing D&D since 1986 and started playing with the Frank Mentzer’s 1983 edition of “basic” D&D with one DM, as well as 1st edition AD&D with another DM. Since then, I’ve played under several DM and been a DM myself. When 2nd edition AD&D was released, it was incorporated into our game creating a hybrid Frankenstein’s monster of 1e & 2e. Eventually I moved on to 3rd edition D&D and 3.5 edition. I never embraced 4th edition D&D as many things about it irked me, but that’s in the past. Since the playtest of D&D Next, I’ve been hopeful about what the future of the game and am looking forward to the new 5th edition.


My first real blog entry should be soon, and will deal with the contentious topic of hit points. See you then….

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