That troublesome player...

Possibly the most facinating part of MtG for me is what actually happens around the game, not in it.


What I am reffering to is the mentality of players, the emotions and also the choices those players then make. Please tell me if you have experienced any of the follow situations or maybe you are the main culprit behind creating them at your local play group.


Within our group we have that player who builds a deck with no real purpose. He is competitive, he will spend how ever much money it takes to build that deck, despite its obvious flaws and most of the time, its unimaginative method of being played. This player's deck usually cripples the game, not only with board wipes but locking himself down under "pay X to attack". This might sound perfectly feasible to you and you would be correct in thinking that way. The real mind boggle is that this deck has no win con. No fat creatures to bring the pain. No direct damage to cinge opponents from behind the protective barrier of enchantments. Quite often, we simply do not have the time to even let the game run its course, we would rather scoop and move onto the next game.


It raises the obvious question: what is the point? Where is the satisfaction? And why oh why does that player not understand when he gets moaned at by the entire group?


Please let me know your experiences with similar situations, I am really curious to know.



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