E045: The Village of H'omelette

As The Red Order's skyship Obanar descended on the village of H'omelette, they were greeted by the ranger Elmo, leader of the town guard.  He obligingly took their requets for a meeting to Burn and Rufus, now rulers of the area.  They would meet in the local inn, the 'Welcome Wench'.


The place did not live up to its name, yet the drinks were cheap enough (to Epic adventurers, anyway) that it more or less balanced out.  There was a half-elf bard of terrible skill, but since he knew all of the legends of The Order (and the tattoos to prove his devotion) this Redithidor was welcomed!


Once the meeting began, Burn and Rufus revealed that they did not know any way to get to the lower levels of the Temple of Elemental Evil, having thooughly destroyed the place to prevent that very happening ( their definition of 'destruction' not extending to leveling the above-ground portion of the Temple).  Leaving them with a warning that there may be elemental incursions from within the ruins and contact details in case one occured (a list of planes that The Order may or may not be travelling in the future).  With no further clues helping them to track down Inix, The Order decided to return to Plan Kill Lolth.


Redithidor begged to be taken with our heroes to tell their exploits, and so they tossed him a bone in the form of a spare sword +1,  and took him aboard the ship.  Giving him some busy work to do back in Neo-Vanthor - to which Captain von Hippohead was to set sail at once - The Red Order conjured a portal to the Vault of the Drow - where the Egg of Lolth was stored - and stepped through.


Before the portal had even closed, The Order has swept through the chamber, slaying the demon and drow guards of the High Priest, who only saved herself through treacherous sorcery, teleporting away before Kawaii's killing strike could land.


The Egg was on the altar, but with no sign of any portal keys and drow reinforcements incoming, The Order popped into a convenient exodus knife's extradimensional space to plan.  They knew exactly where to get a complete set of portal keys, but it would be quite the excursion: they would return to Vermillion, currently under the thrall of the Unseen Flame.

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