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Hello to anyone reading this. I am new to this site as I am to this game. A game that I met with a negative mindset. A game that I grew to love and hold dear. I play 4th edition with a couple of friends of mine, these friends have been with DnD longer than I have, it is to them that I owe the joy I have for this game. We have had a strange journey with this game, as I can imagine so many other groups have. We have had a total of four campaigns begin, only one has ever been finished. We have had other players come and go but a core group remains, within that group are three of my closest friends. One is a wild card with an inflated ego, the other is a tragic aspiring classic hero, and the last one is a cold hearted killer with the attention span of a dead goblin. Until recently we attained a new player, a shy and incredibly nice individual, whom I am sure will be scared away by the embodiment of chaos I call my group of heroes.


       In the beginning of my campaign I was ecstatic to start, the very notion of going from doubtful newbie player to Dungeon Master for my very own world was hard to believe. This was my chance to do something I love, this was my chance to tell a story. My world, Atoria, was created. It's lore, denizens, empires, clans, kingdoms, towns, villages, dungeons, creatures, treasures, everything was created from nothing. The first session was glorious, everybody was engaged, the plot took off in  a full swing, the music flowed perfectly, the NPC's spoke just right, my players were an unstoppable team, they were heroes. I don't know where that magic went after that session. Atoria began a slow painful descent into the bottom levels of the 9 Hells. Player and character squabbles alike began to spring up, the distortion and loss of the plot began, NPC's were forsaken or worse forgotten. Atoria reached the 9th level when one of our players, our very first DM, asked "Why am I no longer enjoying this game?" Unable trust and believe that my other players were in love Atoria, I stopped trying to seek answers and so I quit.


       It was after much support from the other players and a heart to heart with our first DM (a heart to heart that revealed that he was taking out his personal problems on my campaign) that I took up the mantle once more. I was convinced that it was plethora of things that crippled the first campaign, things that would require me and my players to fix. Atoria II was born from the forsaken ashes of the first, After a shaky start, Atoria II was on its way. We have had nine sessions thus far, some were good, some were bad, some were fair, but none have yet to truly reach the level of the first few great ones of Atoria I, the game has continued with a limp. We have come close but I know that we can have a great game again. I feel that it is my responsibility as a DM to bring the best experience I can for my players and I hope to do that with the help of other people who love DnD like we do.


Thank you for anyone who read this and I hope to hear from you as soon as I become active on the message boards =)

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