Important Living Forgotten Realms Campaign Announcement

We’ve received many questions as to the future of the Living Forgotten Realms campaign. The campaign concludes in 2014, with a great run up to the final adventures over the next few months.


We have several new adventures releasing this fall, including the penultimate Epic Campaign adventure. We just released a new Heroic tier trilogy set in Neverwinter, as well as a pair of two-round Paragon tier adventures set in Waterdeep.


The culmination of the Desolation series premieres at Winter Fantasy 2014, but this is not just one adventure. It takes five adventures (a Core, a Myth Drannor trilogy, and a Special) as well as a two-round Battle Interactive to complete this final series! Winter Fantasy also has the glorious conclusion of the Epic campaign.


Play in the campaign will continue past Winter Fantasy -- and, as always, the newly-released adventures (other than the Battle Interactive) will be available for download from the campaign website afterwards. The Battle Interactive will be available for conventions and other public events to order directly from the campaign staff. A final date for downloading content will be posted once it’s available.


Visit and this blog for more details as we get closer to Winter Fantasy, and to browse our catalog of well over 200 4th Edition D&D adventures set in the Forgotten Realms.

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