The Start

My D&D adventures didn't begin until I was 18ish. A good friend of mine was looking to run a quick game. I told him i had never played but was interested. So he helped me build a Lvl 20 Character using 3.5. I had a half-elf ranger/Archane Archer. He was pretty epic. I don't remember the story much but I did know I wanted to keep playing. I met other players in College and we ended up playing a short campaign. And it was there where I got to DM for the first time. The power that comes with it is amazing. You write your own story. You, in a way, are fighting against the players in a world where you know all the secrets. I was in love with DMing. 


For the longest time I tried to learn rules and proper storytelling. I was not the best at it. But I'd practice with my cousins and friends. I also tried to play characters more often, just to get used to how players think. I played a game where we chased the avatar of a God through sewers. I caught a rat, killed it, and tied its tail to the stick from a torch. My buddy then began carving holes in the teeth and added poison sacs. My rat flail was pretty amazing for being an improv weapon.


Being in the Marine Corps, I thought I would not get the chance to play for a while. But I found others who wanted to play. I joined them as a player. We went through a few adventures and I learned of and the gestalt system. The people I played with are currently deployed so now I am starting a new adventure. I will definitely post about it. I will write the story as it goes along and write about how I run games to make it more interesting. I would like to hear input as to how you came to love the role of DM.

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