How much does it take to really fly.

 There is a tendency for people to under-estimate the potency of spellls, a classic case is that of the fly spell. The amount of tactical mobility it provides can overshadow anything but an extremely mobile fighting type the following list of capabilities allow one to have have analogous competance even if your fighter can't fly.


  • Missile Deflection/Protection Nigh immunity to ranged attacks - perhaps because I can deflect them perfectly or perhaps because the divine protects me - Paladins want to be mobile too  (like flying somewhat high makes me immune to melee attacks) Note  while using focus to gain better ranged defense you are a slightly better target than normal to attacks from adjacent enemies. Similarly its possible to fly in low and be no better target than someone on ground ... you dont have to focus on ranged defense constantly. (requires focus). To actively perform deflection you are using your melee tools and cant perform the ranged attack while focusing on this ability, the paladin archetype may even be oath bound against making ranged attacks - this is an oppositional ability the flying character can become nigh immune to melee attacks (but when doing so cant make them himself)  Protecting an Ally - You can in additon to defending yourself,  defend adjacent allies from missile fire this is somewhat  more difficult (if you can fly strong enough to lift another while flying or you are a spell caster who can make another fly. Normally you can only protect / fly one person at a time.
  • Penetrate the Line Able to move across the battlefield through adversary spaces safely. (requires focus), for some this is nimble movement for some it is smashing through its a matter of style. And there are several styles of mobility - this is a directly correlating ability.
  • Far Sight Improved/Focused range of perception (like flying high straight up) - dependent on spending time achieving the effect this requires you to be stationary and is directional.
  • Ranged Focus - you can enhance your ranged attack - this just as a flier may be able to dive and exploit the energy of movement to make enhanced melee attacks (in effect you are not engaging in special defense or mobility to gain ranged benefits.  This requires focus.

  • Sure/Fast Climb move on walls and shear surfaces at near running speed aka Parkour style.- this movement is inferior requiring environmental features.Perfect Balance (extending this to allow navigating on unusual surfaces like on a hastely constructed rope bridge)
  • Terrain Mastery No impairment from difficult terrain but some rarer types may induce damage when its not navigated well (its possible to have difficult terrain in the air too but less common and the implications for a flier are higher). - This is a directlly corellating ability.
  • Cats Fall always land on your feet and minimize falling damage.
  • Enhanced jumping (remember to add in a 2x factor for pole vaulting with spear or staff). This is inferior ability as you will very likely meet obstacles beyond what it can surmount but which flying would navigate.

Abilities which require focus are basically incompatible functions. Getting successfully attacked may cause you to lose focus possibly with implications (if it occurs while moving through enemy spaces the individual whose space you are moving through not only stops you but gains a free attack).

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