Magic Online Announcements September 24, 2013

Face the Hydra Challenge announced, MOCS & MOPR promos!

Upcoming Events
Saturday, September 28
9:00 AM PDT
Pro Tour Born of the Gods Qualifier
Format: Modern Masters Sealed
Entry Options: 45 Event Tickets
Friday, October 4
6:00 PM PDT
MOCS Season 10 Preliminary
Format: Theros Sealed
Saturday, October 5
6:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 6:00 PM PDT
MOCS Season 10 Preliminaries
Format: Theros Sealed
Face the Hydra Challenge!

The Theros events continue beyond Release events with the introduction of the Hero's Path Standard format and the Face the Hydra Challenge. The Face the Hydra Challenge is a series of events that first pit you against other heroes vying to become one of only five champions who will advance to face the Hydra.

Start by collecting your Hero Avatars in Prerelease and Release events, because you're going to need them to stand a chance against the monstrous Hydra--which will be controlled by members of the Magic R&D team wielding a special Hydra-themed deck!

To take part in the Face the Hydra Challenge:

  1. Pick up your Hero's Path of choice from the Magic Online Store.
  2. Participate in the upcoming Magic Online Theros Prerelease and Release events to collect your Hero Avatars.
  3. Build a Hero's Path Standard-legal deck, which is a Standard deck that includes up to two unique Hero Avatars you've collected during the events (you can have only one of a particular Hero Avatar in a deck, no duplicates).
  4. Take part in the Face the Hydra Challenge events beginning October 24 and running through October 28.

The five champions will then face the Hydra during events to be scheduled once these players are determined. You can watch some of these events on the Magic channel.

Be sure to log in between October 4 and November 6, because if at least three of the five champions defeats their Hydra opponent, all players who logged in during that period will receive the Hydra avatar, but only if at least three champions win--no pressure!

Magic Online Cube Starts This Wednesday, September 25!

It's finally here, the next Magic Online Cube and its paired Ravnica block queues!

The Magic Online Cube is a selection of a few hundred cards selected from across the entire history of Magic. These are divided into fifteen-card “booster packs” to be used for drafting; however, each card is unique in the Cube, no duplicates.

The Cube starts following downtime on Wednesday. For complete details, visit the Cube Drafts and Ravnica Drafts article.

Only One Modern Masters Mondays Left!

This is it! The last Modern Masters Mondays will be held next Monday, September 30. Phantom Modern Master 64-Player Drafts will run every two hours. This is your last chance for a shot at at winning From the Vault: Twenty, 300 Phantom Points and 6 QPs while playing with the Modern Masters set!

Magic Online Phantom Modern Masters 64-Player Draft
START TIMES September 30, running every 2 hours.
LOCATION Scheduled Events room.
ENTRY OPTIONS 15 Event Tickets OR 6 Event Tickets and 15 Phantom Points.
SIZE 64 players.
DURATION 3 rounds, each up to 50 minutes and beginning 2 minutes after all matches in previous round have completed. Top 8 players advance to single-elimination 3-round playoff.
Place Prizes QPs
1st 300 Phantom Points
From the Vault: Twenty
2nd 150 Phantom Points 5
3rd - 4th 75 Phantom Points 4
5th - 8th 30 Phantom Points 3
9th - 16th 15 Phantom Points 0
17th - 32nd 6 Phantom Points 0
33rd - 64th 3 Phantom Points 0
MOCS Season 10 Ends 10/2, Season 11 Begins

The countdown has begun on a chance to get Underground Sea into your collection through the Magic Online Championship Series. Season 10 comes to a close on October 2!

MOCS Season 11 kicks of on October 2, and this season's promo card is:


October MOPR Promo Cards

October's Magic Online Player Rewards (MOPR) period begins Wednesday, September 25. MOPR offers players the chance to earn digital promo cards for playing in eligible tournaments or making purchases in the Magic Online Store. The promo cards change monthly. The MOPR FAQ has all the details on how you can participate.

October MOPR promo cards:

Event Promo CardStore Promo Card

Sylvan Caryatid


Products Going Off-Sale and Limited Events Retiring

On October 2, 2013, after the downtime, the following product sets will no longer be available in the Magic Online Store:

  • Innistrad
  • Dark Ascension
  • Avacyn Restored
  • Magic 2013
On October 23, 2013, the Magic Online Limited events supporting these sets will be retired. Also, Return to Ravnica block Constructed Queues will be replaced with Theros block queues.

Downtime Notes for September 24, 2013
The system will go into "No Pay" at 10:30 PM PDT. The system will send out alerts as this process begins.
Store and trades will be shut off at approximately 2:45 AM PDT.
The system will be down from 3:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT, noon.

Note: This week downtime begins earlier than normal.

Release Notes

There is no new build this week.

Client Download Issue
We are currently working on a website issue encountered by some people where, after account signup, users are unable to find the Download Now button. Users may try switching to full-screen mode to expose the button by pressing their F11 key. To return to windowed mode, press the F11 button again.

You may also download the clients directly using the following links:

If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help!

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