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The twisted thoughts of Taradusis

Big Giant Floating Heads , or BGFH. As a representive of a god or high magic government. A storm giant is decapitated while wearing a magical collar that saves his or her life. The giant retains many abilities from life and can swim underwater as well as float in the air. BGFH tends to speak in loud voice and toss lightening bolts around to get respect.from pcs. BGFH can rise from pool for dramatic effect. BGFH rises from under bridge and demands party answers riddle, like in monty pythons flying circus. Does a BGFH get psionic powers like a mindflayers Elder Brain? Suppose the BGFH has smaller heads as attendants? Sort of like 1st level human sorcerors, able to cast shield or magic missile but nothing major. Suppose the BGFH can hold all the little heads in it's mouth and vomits them out for dramatic effect or to keep them from drowning?

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