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New Adventures!

The following adventures are now available for download:

PREQ5-1 Edge of Justice                      By Pierre van Rooden and Dan Anderson

            With knowledge comes power, and power comes with a price. A former adversary’s descent into madness prompts you to set out on a mission of intrigue and subterfuge, for the good of Cormyr. But with war on the horizon, the price for knowledge is high indeed. What will you risk to aid the Crown? A one-round Living Forgotten Realms adventure for characters of the Heroic tier (character levels 1-10).

This adventure takes place after the events described in CORE2-12 The Sschinldyryn Heresy, PREQ3-1 Shrouded Visions and ADAP2-3 That Which Never Sleeps. This adventure is an optional prelude to the Origins 2013 Battle Interactive ADCP5-1 Best Defense. This adventure is role-playing intensive.


NEVE 5-1 Hounds Baying         By James Holdridge

            A priestess of Sehanine Moonbow has gone missing in Neverwinter. Why was she taken, and what is she involved in? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Neverwinter for characters of the Heroic tier (levels 1-10). This is the first adventure of the Devil’s Play Major Quest, which continues with NEVE4-2 Serpent’s Kiss and concludes in NEVE4-3 Spider’s Web.

            The adventures of the Devil’s Play Major Quest are best enjoyed when played in order. I hope to have NEVE4-2 Serpent’s Kiss available in approximately ten days.

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