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Anyone who is trying this on Linux, please feel free to share.

I'm using Ubunut 8.10.

Downloaded the beta installer, opened it with Wine.

The installer started downloading files and completed the download successfully.
Next it started trying to install the 3.5 .NET framework automatically, and it choked hard on that.
However, the rest of the files were installed successfully.

Gong to try the framework seperately, and see if i can make progress, then try the char builder installer again.

Tried the framework seperately, and got this error: Unable to find a volume for file extraction. Please verify you have the proper permissions.
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I am not using linux but it seems that the installer does have a problem with installing net 3.5
it hung for me as well. But .net 3.5 is a known issue with wine.
I've been trying to get it work under Mono and documenting my experiences over here. The .NET Framework not working under Wine is a known issue and one that probably has no solution in the near future. In the meanwhile, you can try running it in a VM (QEMU is available in the repositories and works beautifully, install the kqemu package for increase performance). If you don't have a copy of Windows available to run in a VM, I can't say anything more without attracting the attention of the moderators, but there do exist ways of working around it.
Virtual Machines seem to be the way to go with this right now. It works for Ubuntu and also as a solution to the windows x64 problem.

While the beta doesn't seem to work for windows x64, I just got it working using VirtualBox in Ubuntu 8.10 x64 to emulate windows xp 32-bit. The same thing would probably work using the windows version of VirtualBox. It's not an ideal solution, but if you want to get a taste of the Character Generator before WotC releases the x64 fix this should work.

Note: If you get any error messages from the beta while trying this, you probably shouldn't send the report as it might just prolong WotC getting to the issues that the beta has in a normal windows install.

for the app to work... we need the app to be ported from window forms to something like gtk for a start. Alot of my error dumps seemed to be calls to window forms api.
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