How to Attack (Assassin)

I should mention that this Assassin attacks with 2 Half Scissors ala Kill la Kill with a Dual Weilder Feat. 

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This is neat. I'd love to see one for each class.

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Timmee wrote:

This is neat. I'd love to see one for each class.


Considering weapons and abilites are different for each class AND D&D next is about to be retired I am just going to take requests. 

Send me the details of your character sheet and I will be happy to put one together for you

This is cute!


What program did you use to make these, and did you design the dice clipart or find them somewhere else?

sliceoffruit wrote:

My assassin has a lot of trouble figuring out how attacks work.


This is what I put together


If you want me to put something together for specific build let me know. It was fun t o put together.





I am SO converting my Shadowrun cheat sheets to something of this nature. Totally giving you credit. Flipping adorable! And hilarious!

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I really like that and might do something similar for 2 of my players that are very new to D&D. One thing I would point out though is that you reference a modifier for cover. In the playtest cover grants and AC bonus to the target and not a penalty to the attacker (I would think in most cases the effect is the same though so probably doesn't matter). This could be one less thing your player needs to worry about on his attack since you as the DM would just adjust the monster AC.

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