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Hi. I run D and D Encounters in a local store once a fortnight. I'm finding the process of keeping it going difficult. Firstly the Encounter packets are not being delivered to the store by the NZ supplier. I've already asked the owner of the Vagabonds store and the manager if they can follow up with this issue. The Vagabonds store manager tells me the supplier is new and not trained. I've had to use other sources for adventures rather than the advertised events.


Secondly, none of the 4th Ed books are moving off the store shelf with the news of Next being in development. I'd like to help the owner move stock by running Encounters, but Next being released shortly makes this hard. I've suggest charging players 2 dollars for a session and giving them a dice, but that doesn't move the books. Any suggestions?


Lastly, I had considered using Next rules, but the playtest packet is nolonger available to anyone. That means new players can't get access to it without me breaking the agreement with WotC. This also doesn't help the Vagabonds store sell anything for the space Encounters takes up. What rule system are people using to run Encounters right now?


This is a really trick problem balancing venue needs and supporting people playing D and D in a public location.

The playtest rules (at least to level 10) are included in the newest Encounters adventure, which is PDF only. Stores who signed up for the Encounters seasons should get a key that will allow their DMs to download it for free; other people can just buy it from dndclassics.com


Scourge of the Sword Coast is D&D Next playtest rules only, but could be run with other versions of D&D if you want to do some conversion work.


D&D Next will be released fully in only a few months. (US Summer, our Winter).




Thanks for the information. I've only just been able to get the local Vagabonds store to order the first two sundering adventures, after I posted. I'm still having trouble with them getting Encounters support from the supplier, but this helps. It sounds like Next will be an option very shortly at encounters.


It's a shame that WotC have moved to making adventures for only Next rules, I know the store manager was very pleased to here that the first two sundering adventures supported 4E, 3.5 and Next. Makes them easier to sell.

Be aware that those 2 Sundering adventures do NOT contain any encounter stats. All info must be downloaded no matter which version.

I've been converting the NEXT-only adventures to 4e for my FLGS, since nobody in our store wants to play with half-finished, unbalanced Next rules.  It's been a tough process, but at least the players get to use a system that they know works.  Once the official NEXT rules drop in August, though, we'll likely switch over.

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I would check online for conversions. ENWorld and RPG.net have robust 4E communities (RPG.net has a Spotlight subforum for all D&D variants). It's likely someone else has already done the hard work.


Right now, the only tangible thing the kits give you is special logo dice for the players and NPC cards for the DM. IMO you can do without and not feel too much of a pinch. I'm hoping there's more tangible store support in future releases.

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