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(I play my games on Tuesday) 


Instead of a write up I got a lead in for new players for next week. Check it out here.


Here is a copy and paste version of it. 




The heroes find themselves under Firehammer Hold, the dwarven temple-fortress in the Forlorn Hills (click here to see image) Firehammer Hold has been a temple-fortress dedicated to Haela Brightaxe, a dwarf hero-goddess purported to grant luck in battle. Although reduced in number over the years, Haela’s faithful maintained control of the hold up until a few months ago...

It seems that a clan of duergar invaded Firehammer Hold, taking over its forges to manufacture armaments. The gray dwarves come from the Underdark, so they must have found a way in and over powered Haela's followers. Are they still alive?

Since then, humanoid allies of the duergar, especially hobgoblins, have supplied the gray dwarves with prisoners captured in the surrounding lands. Duergar ruthlessly force these slaves to work in the hold’s mines. A large part of Julkoun’s population has recently arrived in Firehammer Hold to this end.

Here is how far the heroes got last week below. Click here to see a more detailed path and see some notes along the way. 

What does it all mean? Come by and make your story legend! 

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Anyway here is the detail image I send to new players jumping in next week. 



How did your game go?



2 more players joined us this week, not just new to Encounters but new to D&D totally, chatting after the session they both enjoyed themselves and are planning on coming back so we must be doing something right.


Our 2nd DM is having trouble making sessions due to a change in circumstances so one of the players on the 2nd table has said that he'd be willing to step up and take the DM seat going forward as I dont want to  run a bigger group if I can help it. This might mean having a slight shuffle to even out the numbers between the tables but we'll see.

"Well that encounter was easy....er, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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My latest report is here: Scourge of the Sword Coast session 5 report


The group continued to explore the elven estate, and slowly this portion of the adventure is turning into a horror adventure, with their discoveries of what happened to the inhabitants of the estate.


I'm having a lot of fun with this adventure.




Game HQ - Oklahoma City (report from last 2 weeks)


We had 5 full tables for Encounters the past two weeks. 


My table rescued the few remaining citizens of Joulken that remained there and cleansed the town of any monsters in the process. The Goblins had kept 10 or so townsfolk around to act as slaves for them while they occupied the town, so the party decided they needed to be liberated. The Shaman proved to be particularly tough for them as the encounter ended up being fought primarily in the corridor leading to the shrine. Flaming sphere in the hallway owned them pretty hard. Normally a weak spell, keep in mind that it's pretty good in tight quarters. The other monsters, even the Hobgoblin Elites and Bugbears didn't pose too much of a problem.


Upon returning to Daggerford, the party leveled up to 3. They received a reward for their work in Julkoun and Sherlen requested they look into following up on the matter of the bloke and possibly the information that the Julkoun citizens were taken to Firehammer Hold. They agreed, though they didn't specify what they intended to do. They did bring back a large supply of cloth for Balick, the gnome tailor, whom one of the gnomes is related to. They also dined with Isteval, Darfin and Kelson, learning much about the areas to the north, specifically gnolls at Phylund lodge, orcs at Harpshield Castle. After discussing things with Isteval however, they decided that the Jukoun prisoners was the most pressing situation. One of the PCs is a noble and has a retainer that was left in town during the first foray. In their abscence, he was able to learn from people coming from Waterdeep that Alven Gissen was seen heading north on the trade route and then went off-road up the Ardeep River. Be that as it may, the party did not waiver from their decision to head to Firehammer and set out the next day.


On the 3rd day of the trip along the Delimbiyr Route, they were ambushed by a group of Orogs who proved to be a fairly tough challenge for them since the Monk, who has served as their tank was absent this week. Next week...  Firehammer!



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