2/17/2014 Feature: "Six of the Best: A Pro Tour Born of the Gods Preview"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Feature, "Six of the Best: A Pro Tour Born of the Gods Preview", which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Living end isn't rogue! It's been top 8ing gps for quite a while

Since copy pasting is not working, I'll repeat Richs words I want to respond to briefly:


- Modern just uses very few cards from a single set => not a good way to show off BNG

- Draft rounds will let BNG shine!


So my question is:

Why is this your opinion, when 2/3 of the cards opened are Theros, and the general powerlevel in Theros is higher? Won't BNG be few an in between in comparison to Theros?

Why do we draft just one BNG pack, instead of 2 BNG, one Theros? That way it would have a bigger impact!

What is up with Rich Hagon's hair in the author pic? Someone was messing with the saturation in Photoshop? Because if there's one thing Rich Hagon's hair needs to be, it's *more* brightly yellow-orange. (I say this as a blondish-redhead myself. I never want someone to take a photo of me that makes my hair look like *that*.)

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