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Reporting has really dropped off...


We we had 3 full tables at Game HQ in OKC. One DM had the flu.


My table, having defeated the Ice Witch's similicrum and the Bear Clan at Evermelt, decided to make good on their promist to return to the Dwarven Valley and offer aid to Stokely Silverstream to attempt to mend the rift between the divided clan ad deal with the Zombie attacks. On their way back across the Tundra, they encounter a large group of men cleaning a large number of Carribou that they had slaughtered. Having Henger with them, he flew into a rage and ultimately attacked and killed one of the men skinning the animals. Even though they had a few soldiers, the men opted to back down and not fight the PCs. Instead, warning them of Vaelish's new position as Speaker and the resulting alliance with the Scarlet Brotherhood. He told them they would be fools to oppose Vaelish. Henger didn't seem threatened, but did tell the PCs he would have to part ways with them and attend to the matter.


When the PCs approached the Dwarven Valley, they spied a lone dwarf in the distance. He struggled and fell and struggled more to regain his footing. As they rushed to his aid and failing perception checks, they realize too late that the Dwarf is a zombie and he lunges at the first person to arrive. After sustaining minor damage, they kill the zombie with little effort. This causes them to pause however. Looking around the valley, they discover that it is overrun with scattered shambling figures.


They decide it is worth it to investigate the Great Forge to see if there are any survivors. When they get there, they find a scene of battle and death. Dead Dwarves and slain zombie dwarves lie everywhere. They are able to find one young warrior clinging to life and heal his woulds. He tells them that Baerick struck a deal with Akar and left the Valley and the rest of the clan for Akar to add to his zombie horde. The zombies attacked from all sides. Stockelt, Helda and a dozen or so warriors held off the advance while the clan escaped. Last he saw, the defending dwarves were driven into the depths of the mines.


The party decided to follow them and make sure that they were able to escape. Deep into the mines they found the Nexus and a heard the sounds of battle. As they entered the large room, they find a small outpost holding the dwarves and a horde of zombies attacking them. A long a grueling fight ensues but the party is finally able to defeat the undead, but not before two more young warrior are eaten. At the end of battle, only Helda, Stokely, 3 warriors and a Priest are still living.  Stokely tells the adventurers that the Necromancer was present just before they arrived, but fled hen he saw them. 


The PCs decide they will pursue Akar, as he seems to be the only link to finding the location of the Ice Witch. With no time for rest, they leave two players, who will not be able to make it to the next session, to help the dwarven leaders get out of the mines. The rest of the party wastes no time in tracking Akar. Next week we will find out how they do.


Thanks for keeping the reports coming. Due to a family emergency I wasn't able to run my game this week. Will pick it up next week.

I think the Christmas break has stalled the session reporting, I know we didnt play until this week.


Our session write up is here.



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This is techinically the 6th play session but we played it this week so figured I would post it here.


Nice write up Spykes, intesting to see how things are playing out in other stories that have different villains in control! And Gonchar, I hope all is well and that the family emergency wasn't anything too major. Haven't read your's yet Vobe but am sure it is great too, it is next on my list.




                Another week has gone by and that means another adventure! This week we had a “smaller” group, only 7 players. It was a nice breather and a good way to get back into the swing of things not having a table of 10+.


The party this week:

  • Drea: Orcling Barbarian
  • Sean: Human Rogue
  • Jason: Dwarven Battle Cleric
  • Rico: Woodelf Druid; Circle of the Tundra
  • Derek: Highelf Paladin
  • Trevor: Highelf Evocationist
  • Tom: Human Cleric of Flame


                I picked up with an extended stay at the Dwarven Valley and laid out a few of the adventure hooks (as gathered information after the attacks) and surprisingly the party opted to head off toward the barbarian tribes to figure out what they could with the Ice Witch and the recent attack on the mines. I really expected them to either head off to find the Black Ice Prow or the run off toward Bren Shander.


                On the way to the barbarian tribes the group wanted to head up Kelvin’s Cairn to see if they could determine where the Black Ice was coming from (Rico told the story of how Akar lost his final battle up top of the mountain). A fun minor climb check activity took place on the way up. We had a few people fall but since the party was all tied together we had no deaths. I rolled 1d2 for every person the falling party member made it past without getting secured or grabbing onto something (example: lead person had a chance to be saved by each member further down the rope, if they missed all members they took 1d12 damage). The most damaging of the falls was Sean (even though he has advantage and climb checks and is dexterous) and took 8 points of falling damage. I moved the location of the Black Ice from being at the Spine of the World to KC so that the party’s trip was not wasted.


                As the party climbed Rico stayed in Hawk/Eagle form and scouted ahead. While he found no bad guys he was able to quickly find the site of the original Black Ice dig (no Black Ice remained but there were tell-tale marks of a dig and dead dwarves littered about which Baerick confessed to killing as he slowly regains his sanity).  As he circled back to the party to check on their progress Rico also scouted for barbarian camps, which he found a slew of. He mentally noted the location of the larger maps and then noticed way off in the distance a dark speck. Even with his Hawk/Eagle eyes he could not make out what this speck was but knew that it was out on the Sea of Moving Ice and to notice it at the distance that he was it must be large, most unusual.


                Once the party made it to the dig site they took a breather and checked the area out. They found nothing of real importance but they did take the time to bury the dead dwarves, but not before relieving the dead dwarves of their climbing gear. Having satisfied their curiosity and honored the dead the party made their way down the mountain but still keeping their forward progress.


                As the party made it toward the flatter area they discussed which camp they wanted to make for, as they discussed this Rico once more scouted in avian form to determine which camp was which. As the discussion continued the group determined either way they could not make it to any of the camps before the sun set so they found a place to set camp for the night. They ventured back closer to CK to find a nice wind block and lucked out that it had a small mountain stream as well.


                The campfire lit by the adventures drew some attention of a group of goblins and a couple verbeeg. The party was not taken unaware though because as Rico was returning to camp he noticed the enemies head toward the party and cawed before continuing toward the approaching foes. The party prepared themselves but did so in a fashion to make it look like they had not noticed the approaching threat. Sean even buried himself in the snow so that he can surprise the intruders with a crossbow bolt.


                As the group prepared for battle Rico landed not too far away from the slobbery monsters, transformed back into humanoid form and tried to taunt some of the goblins away from the main party. He succeeded in having 2 goblins break away from the main group. Once he had the 2 goblins safely away from the larger force he trapped them within a field of Spike Growth and headed back toward the party, launching arrows at the two stranded goblins as he went.


                Letting the goblins get close before attacking actually turned out to be more dangerous than expected. The goblins quickly swarmed the group and landed several successful hits. One of the goblin shaman quickly went to work focusing on the lone dwarf and ended up causing fear in our stout little friend, effectively neutralizing his offense for the reminder of the fight (he attempted several saves but failed them all, even with bless and gave up on attacking and stayed in a more healing/support role). As the dwarf ran around the camp the goblin shaman continued to assault him with a barrage of spells, nearly taking Jason out.


                With chaos already erupting, it only continued to grow as several tree sized javelins came soaring in from the verbeeg. Several players took heavy hits (2d6 + some) from the first wave as the verbeeg approached. As the verbeeg wade into the fray Sean launched his bolt from his hiding spot, scoring a nice hit on one verbeeg but quickly getting knocked unconscious by the verbeeg he attack and the surrounding goblin.


                For all the planning the party did the adventure’s first attempt to retaliate was pitiful. Only several hits attacks and spells landed, and those were only hit with minor efficiency. The monsters continued their onslaught, nearly taking out Drea in the next turn. With the verbeeg making it into melee range the party realized that they were in for a harder fight than they first expected.


                Hard pressed, Drea went into a rage, taking out 1 wounded goblin quickly and then destroying another (max damage critical hit while raging). Seeing that the threat was already being reduced by a single barbarian returned some the zeal to the party. However, they did not think out their tactics and all went for a verbeeg (ignoring D&D combat rule #1, always kill the casters first) only to have it healed completely by a shaman the following round.

                Trevor launched several spells which he was hoping would take care of the major threats. However, his scorching rays fizzled in the night air and lost their power in the artic winds. He managed to luck out with a fireball, taking out two goblins, severely wounding one of the shaman and doing decent damage to one of the verbeeg. At this point, Rico caught up the group and surprised the goblins and verbeeg from behind. He launched another Spike Growth, ensnaring all the goblins but not the verbeeg.


                With the smaller threats neutralized for the moment the party quickly went to work on the 2 verbeeg, ending both verbeegs’ lives within seconds of each other. After the larger enemies fell, they goblins attempted to scatter only to have most get mowed down by the party.


                The threat now gone, Rico reported what he saw of the camps. The group decided that they took a rather harsh beating and rested for the night, but not without setting a watch. In the morning they will make way to the Elk Tribe camp.


Thoughts: I really expected this combat to be a pushover (8 goblins, 2 shaman, 2 verbeeg), however with the party either not landing hits or scoring minimal damage (had several scorching rays of 8 damage or less) it turned into a fun and expected dangerous encounter. While I had several combat scenarios planned this was the one I thought I would have the least fun with, but once again good role play and tactical thinking made it interesting.


                As for player count, I really hope the group stays at 8 players or less for the remainder of the season. I am unsure if it will though since we had several members not there (Rob, Brandon, Tony, Tosha and Less) this week but know that at some will be back (Rob was ill). For the following season both Rico and Jason said they would be willing to run an additional table so that will ease my burden. Really excited for that!



     A couple of weekly reports

     Week 6, we finished with the barbarians and heded back to town, slowed down a bit by some goblins who regretted that decision, briefly.  Back in town we found the dwarven merchant was either very patient or we were playing fast and loose with the timeline and geography.  Anyway, she was still willing to hire us and a day later we were escorting her home.  We bought horse & wagon, so naturally on the way, we found some wolves having another merchant for lunch, and were able to acquire another horse & wagon [& a couple of wolf hides].  We are debating whether to keep the 2nd set or try to find his heirs and fish for a reward.  [No, the party does not think virtue is its own reward, which is not surprising considering we have a vampire and a drow among us, and the drow one of the less greedy PCs.]

      Week 7.  We arrived at dwarven lands and have to deal with some guard who tried to turn us away.  Eventually, we managed to pass them with a promise of helping with the zombie problem [and a few threats].  So we went on to see the leader of the pro-mining dwarves and blew our rolls to greatly hike our pay for zombie killing.  But we did get them to raise their first offer.  So it was off to the mines.

     Things were not good in the mines.  A number of dwarves had been killed, and apparently made into zombies.  We did manage to rescue one live dwarf, but whispering voices were a bother.  However, a pack of zombies found out they had bit off more than they could chew.  Not that we really outclassed them, but we were not that badly hurt when we ran out of undead to deaden.  So we are ready to push on and bask more foes.


      Details are unclear of course.  Being maybe a month behind the schedule, can affect a lot of things, and I am not sure how well our DM knows the storyline.  & since we are a 4e group, and the next encounters is said to be just 5e, we might do just about anything.

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