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My lcb/gs informed me tonight that next week has to be a skip week because wotc does not permit stores to allow Encounters sessions on anyday but Wednesday. Now I know it is but wanted dome confirmation so; is this a load of bs?

Technically yes but it's not like the WOTC police are going to raid your off Wednesday session and steal your books.


The reason they want it that way is so people know that they can go into a participating store on Wednesday and play Encounters.

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Yeah that's how I figured it but the store owner flat out said no as if WotC would actually do something. Ah well, guess we just have to hold the "off" sessions somewhere else.

Since we're going to stop running the official Encounters adventures that will allow us more time with LotCS. Skipping a week won't hurt us.

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Heh yeah I hadn't thought of that angle. Then again the way this guy is acting he may tell us we can't keep playing past Feb.12. Ah well, probably just going to start meeting somewhere else & just playing without the official Encounters tag. Actually quite a relief now since my group is way behind.

Yea, if the owner is stifiling the game then I think you're more than justified in going somewhere else if the players want to.

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